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by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Heather Campbell from says "Chegg both sells and rents used textbooks... . We’re also the only company to plant a tree for every book bought or rented from us." This includes advanced level textbooks and ebooks. They also buy old textbooks in case you are running out of room in realspace.
Free downloadable book: The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith. You can read online or download individual chapters. Very well written, very detailed, and very clear, assuming you know some basic electronics. Well worth a look if you do any translation work in this area. And it's searchable! (English)
"The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public." Not only books (including old dictionaries), but also music books and audio. Would you believe they have a Grateful Dead Collection? The Wayback Machine (listed separately here under Web Browsers and Search Engines) is still there on the index page also, giving access to deleted but saved pages on the web.
Lots of online books and reports etc. on all subjects, searchable.
Access to older books might be getting better and apparently a paid subscription to full access to everything is in the works. (Imagine, a huge library without the dust and mildew!) Even just the selected pages available for reading in many cases have helped me often enough. I've run into helpful sample pages from dictionaries and advanced technical books. The books are searchable individually and all at once). But you can search for books available in full: my old favorite Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (by A. Square, with illustrations by the author, 1899), for example, is available for full viewing.
Veronica Lambert Hall says: I was checking out a translation of part of this book [The Little Prince], when I came across this site with the book in lots of languages."
Check this out: Thousands of textbooks in over 50 different languages, all online.
Paul Frank says: "The presentation of these free online books from the University of Adelaide is beautiful." Includes biographical notes. Readable online and downloadable.
Paul Frank discovered this bonanza: The University of California Press has put hundreds of its books online. Full text!
Lost your old Latin textbooks? Not interested in Gallic wars anyway? Paul Makinen found this: St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate Bible, AD 383. Every bit of it, easy to read onscreen and searchable.
From Paul Makinen: Croatian bookstore.

Also from Paul Makinen: Croatian books in print.
>From Billy O'Shea: Darwin's works online. Searchable.
From Paul Gallagher: Japanese language books. "Mostly dictionaries, textbooks, and the like. Each entry includes bibliographic citation, ISBN, price in dollars or yen, descriptive paragraph, and link to sample page."
"LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net (via podcast and catalog). Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books."
Astrophysical Gas Dynamics (detailed lecture notes).
Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics online.
Online version of Textbook of Small Animal Orthopaedics, C.D. Newton and D.M. Nunamaker (Eds.).
Michelle Asselin found this site with links to online classic literature, poems, study guides, etc.
Ben Sib also suggests Project Gutenberg for free online books. They also have links to free audio books (MP3 format and others).

Michael Rowley provided this list of hardcopy booksellers on FLEFO:

UK Booksellers

US Booksellers

WebToday Destinations (a nice daily collection of urls on a theme-of-the-day, e-see for subscription info) provided this list of sites for the electronic book collector:
This is the Project Gutenberg Index. They’re adding new public domain texts all the time, as their volunteers transcribe them.
The On-Line Books Page. Includes a “banned books” section for the curious...
This is The Modern English Collection. Some texts in this library are not available to everybody, but you can search the publicly-accessible texts for specific quotes.
“The American Booksellers Association (ABA) BookWeb isn’t a bookstore but...[it has a] database of bookstores from which you can find Web sites for hundreds of stores nation wide.”—CH, WebToday
“The best place to find out of print books of any kind is thru Bibliofind on the internet....”—Roy Wells
“A consortium of used-book dealers with an amazingly large catalogue.... Like Amazon, they confirm your order in practically a few minutes.”—Tom Snow
“I found a good site for new French books... seems to be a consortium.”—Tom Snow
“I can recommend ABC Bücherdienst [for German books].”—Harald Rebling “The site is also impressive. They seem to be associated with Amazon.”—Tom Snow
“I’ve been doing business with mail-Order Kaiser in Munich [for German books] for some time now. No hassles, and my last order arrived in 10 days.”—Kevin Fulton
“In the US there’s a decently-stocked bookstore in Cambridge, MA, Schoenhof’s, which carries all major languages. If you need something in a hurry... they’re worth a try.”—Kevin Fulton
Janice Sabin de Medina posted a press release on FLEFO about this new “French website that lets visitors purchase and download books at a fraction of the cost of regular bookstore prices...Offerings will include French classics such as Balzac and Flaubert, new novels in French and academic texts... Orders for the special printing of real books can also be placed."
“They have 450,000 scientific, technical and medical books, French and foreign”—Alex Greenland
“I ordered a couple of dictionaries from Buchhaus Wittwer in Stuttgart a few years ago. Reasonable prices and shipping charges.”—Trudy Peters
“I can happily recommend a German bookshop called Reuffel. I’ve ordered from them a few times, and they happily accept credit card orders via their excellent, searchable web site. I get my orders here in England a few days later, properly packed and arriving intact.”—Nick Rosenthal
Powell’s Books. “Powell’s network of Web pages gets better all the time.”—CH, WebToday
“The Great Northwest Bookstore is by far and away the best resource for Americana and Oregon history in the world.”—CH, WebToday
Several FLEFO participants have recommended this one. “[Amazon] has a huge collection of titles, topical book news and reviews of the best sellers.”—CH, WebToday