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Chemistry and Pharmacology

by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Marie-Louise Desfray found this "SAP multilingual termbase."
"An online service for journal content published by IOP Publishing." Many areas of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics. Seems to sometimes include full articles.
Many resources in the Library that are relevant to characterization of powders and solids, including a glossary.
Searchable and browsable, "Clear answers for common questions" as articles in many different categories, including Technology and Gadgets, Internet and Computers, Manufacturing and Industry, Science and Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology, Medicine and Treatments, Health and Wellness, Attorneys and the Law, and many others.
IUPAC Glossary of Terms Used in Toxicology, 2nd edition. (English)
Perfect for browsing or for those old documents we sometimes need to consult or translate: "The Incompleat Chymist: Being an Essay on the Eighteenth-Century Chemist in His Laboratory, with a Dictionary of Obsolete Chemical Terms of the Period." Kindly provided by Jon Eklund.
Oil&Gas Field Technical Terms Glossary. (English)
Oil & Gas Refining Glossary. (English)
A nice article with video on electrospinning. (English)
The Glossary of Leather Terms, from the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies (IULTCS). (English)
Glossary from American Leather Chemists Association. (English)
Llamapaedia: Llama/Alpaca wool fiber glossary.
Useful little animations illustrating various aspects of dentistry, along with good questions and answers. (English)
Technical Hosiery Glossary from LEGSOURCE, which has other resources on the subject. (English)
Source of information on all types of chromatography. (English)
Everything about cement. Glossary, definitions, chemistry, manufacturing. (English)
The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory. Details and videos. (English)
Nice collection of links to information relevant to Good Manufacturing Practices, SOPs, Batch Records, etc. Includes several FDA resources (tutorial, procedure manual, etc.). (English)
"The Incompleat Chymist: Being an Essay on the Eighteenth-Century Chemist in His Laboratory, with a Dictionary of Obsolete Chemical Terms of the Period," kindly provided by Jon Eklund. Fun to browse and actually sometimes useful in translation work. (English)

A boatload of Occupational Safety resources from Marie-Louise Desfray:
English and French versions of a list of available databases, including the Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety, 4th Edition (available in English, French, Spanish, Russian). "Covers all aspects of occupational health and safety including occupational diseases, prevention, health promotional activities; legal, ethical and social policy; hazards, accidents and safety management; chemicals in industry, toxicological properties and more."
"The ILO Thesaurus is a compilation of more than 4000 terms relating to the world of work, in English, French, and Spanish. Covers labour and employment policy, human resources planning, labour standards, labour administration and labour relations, vocational training, economic and social development, social security, working conditions, wages, occupational safety and health and enterprise promotion."
Direct link to ILOTerm and ISI (International Statistics Institute) termbases. ILOTERM is "an invaluable working tool for linguists, provides English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic equivalents of terms in the social and labour fields." Use the login ID "Guest" and the password "guest". Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish (Castilian).
Russian glossary of terms related to plastics with Russian definitions and explanations. (Russian)
Chemistry site in Russian, including an encyclopedia with detailed explanations. (Russian)
"This compendium of Pharmacy Dictionaries contains terminology pertaining to pharmacy and all facets of pharmacology terms with long and detailed explanations and a richness of crossreferences." Includes Drug Information Glossary, Pharmacology Glossary, and Drugs@FDA Glossary. (English)
From the American Chemical Society: Not entirely free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android: ACS Mobile for access to their chemistry journals. You can search all the ACS journals and see tables of contents and abstracts without a subscription. Demo video.
Michael Burns found this "nice little pharmacology glossary (English only) downloadable as a PDF." Also can view online in your web browser.
Bonnie at Caron Treatment Centers (drug/alcohol rehab) suggested this glossary they compiled of "teen slang typically used to describe various illegal substance and drug activities." (English)
R and S phrases (risk and safety) in 23 languages.
Nanopedia: An online resource about nanotechnology from Case Western Reserve University. (English).
The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. If you're uncertain about uncertainty, this is the place for you.
Glossary of Rubber and Sealing Terms. (English)
Here you can get at least the abstracts for articles in the wonderful Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. Each article is written by an expert in the industry and filled with wondrous detail, and even the abstracts are quite informative. I spent many happy hours with the library's multivolume sets in my relative youth (pre-computer Dark Ages).
Nicole Choisi says: "Working on a water quality document, I came across the Unesco/UN hydrology multilingual glossary." Michael Burns adds that "the glossary covers areas with broader applications, such as statistics."
Paper Glossary & Dictionary. (English)
Many resources about the pulp and paper industry. The second link is a good glossary of papermaking terms. (English)
"Der Römpp" chemistry encyclopedia online.
Carol Cronin from Wolfram Research suggests these links on their site. The first link "contains information on chemical elements, unit conversions, flash points, thermodynamic properties, reactivity, and much more." The second link illustrates how to use Wolfram Alpha (see Search Engines section for more detail) for reviewing basic chemistry. (English)
Chemistry terms and definitions. (English)
Adhesives glossary. (English)
Glossary of pharmacology terms by
Nice column chromatography glossary. Very detailed.
Patterson's classic French-English Dictionary for Chemists, 2nd. Ed (1939) in plain text, downloadable form. Useful even with ocr mistakes. Also available as a searchable flip-book image of original (choose "read online" after clicking "see other formats" button). Just like having the book on your desk, without the dust. Even better, since the search brings up phrases that include the search word.
Patterson's classic German-English Dictionary for Chemists, 1st Ed. (1917) in plain text, downloadable form. Useful even with ocr mistakes. Also available as a searchable flip-book image of original (choose "read online" in list of other formats). Just like having the book on your desk, without the dust. Even better, since the search brings up compound words and phrases that include the search word. is a project of the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), and indexes freely accessible full-text scientific articles. Provides links for downloading. Searchable.
Toxipedia is a wiki website for topics in toxicology, particularly as related to environmental and public health. The glossary is searchable and browsable.
Sister site to Toxipedia, on Integrated Pest Management (IPM): "IPMopedia offers free and up-to-date integrated pest management advice direct from green gardening experts. Whether you need to identify and eliminate a troublesome pest, find the perfect plant species for a new project, or brush up on the latest planning and design tips, IPMopedia has the tools and information to help you stay green, healthy, and informed."
Nice list of acronym expansions useful for clinical trial and pharmaceutical work in general. (English).
Downloadable Dyes and Dyeing Glossary. Glossary of Terms for Materials and Processes in Textile Dyeing for Artists. More than just definitions, provides detailed explanations. (English)
Drug database. Choose language in Drug Data links in lower right-hand corner. Can browse list for each initial letter, which can be helpful when deciphering sloppy handwriting... Also good for comparing info in different languages. (English, Norwegian, Swedish. German, Spanish, French, Dutch)
Self-proclaimed as "The web's most extensive mathematics resource." Good when you're trying to remember what you learned in math class... or how to back-transliterate that Russian name of a theorem!
Delyth Yabar found this "interesting collection of links to mono and multilingual glossaries and dictionaries in the field of document conservation."
Karen Tkaczyk found this "comprehensive glossary for the textile industry." Downloadable as pdf or plain text if you sign up for a free account at (see separate entry for the site in BOOKS category).
PubChem Public Chemical Database. Lots of information especially useful to chemists and links to other info about chemical compounds.
Free registration for AAAS Science Magazine online - access to articles older than 1 year. Free abstracts for all issues.
Matthew Schlecht passes along this url: Product Information Templates from the European Medicines Agency "apparently available in all EU languages."
Quality Dictionary and Glossary. (English) Seems quite extensive, including acronyms; people keep posting new terms. My new word for the day:"poka yoke": Japanese term for error-proofing; "a poka yoke device prevents incorrect parts from being made or assembled, or easily identifies a flaw or error.". Also other quality management resources are available at the same site.
Swiss Water Pollution Control Association glossary. Includes terms plus explanations. (German, French)
Pollution Engineering. Searchable journal. (English)
Russian laboratory catalog with pictures and drawings of items.
OpenCourseware: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) course materials are available for free to anybody, "spanning MIT's entire curriculum": Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Health Sciences and Technology, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Management, Science, etc. (English)
Submitted by Diana Parker from Montreal, Canada. Chemicals international trade lead portal designed to provide trade leads for USA sellers and buyers of chemical products, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, as well as government agencies.
Check out this cosmetics glossary. (English)
Fernando Campos Leza found this Periodic Table of the Elements in Spanish.
Jacqueline Legendre offers another Periodic Table, this time multilingual.
Yves Lanthier located the url's for these English versions of the Periodic Table.
John Ruane from FAO has notified us about the 2nd edition online for the Glossary of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Now in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic with Russian, Serbian, and Vietnamese coming soon. Also the Arabic, English, French and Spanish versions are available on a cdrom - contact for more details.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know... about the chemical elements. Nice site just for casual browsing, also, for those of us who are as fascinated by stories about elements and chemical compounds as others are by stories about human celebrities. (English)
IUPAC Glossary of Basic Terms in Polymer Science. (English)
From Alan Johnson: EPER Pollution register glossary from the European Environment Agency.
From Alan Johnson: EPER Chemicals Glossary from the European Environment Agency.
Handy index of pesticide common names with chemical names and formulas indicated. (English with some synonyms in other languages)
Landolt Börnstein Organic Index 2006. A molecular formula index. Shows empirical formula, structural formula, CAS number, and synonyms. German and English.
Nice, detailed online book on The Basics of NMR by Joseph P. Hornak.
Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry. (English)
The Alcohol Glossary, compiled by John E. Murtagh. (English)
Short (1 page) but useful pharmaceutical glossary from Brazil. (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
Elliott Urdang found this useful site in Spanish with details about various pharmaceutical methods.

Michael Röhrig suggests these three wine resources:
Wine information site (German).
Example of the many links at the above site: "A seven-language dictionary." (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian)
Wine glossary (English, French, Spanish, German).
More on wine, English/Italian. David Henderson says, "The bible for EN-IT wine vocabulary is Giles Watson's excellent glossary." Also recommended by Francesca Ilsa. The site says: "Watson¹s Wine Glossary was originally created as a quick reference tool to help a group of geographically scattered translators to render wine-related terms, particularly tasting terminology, in a consistent manner."Francesca Ilsa suggests these five wine resources:
Spanish wine glossary.
German wine glossary.
Spanish-English wine dictionary. Explanations in English.
English wine dictionary.
"Excellent glossaries by fellow translators." (Italian-French).Also from Michael Röhrig, three gastronomy dictionaries:
"A multilingual gastronomy dictionary. Although based on Catalan dishes, it contains a lot of vocabulary." (Catalan, Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Dutch)
Another multilingual gastronomy dictionary, (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish)
Yet another multilingual gastronomy dictionary. (Dutch, English, German, French, Danish, Spanish)
From Francesca Ilsa: A multilingual gastronomy dictionary. (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish)
The history of dyes. Details about individual companies, lots of old photographs.
Plastics glossary. (English)
Elastomer glossary. (English)
Pesticide Dictionary. (English)
Fertilizer glossary. (English, German, Spanish, and French)
Matthew Schlecht found this Glossary of Coined Names & Terms Used in Science by Dr. John Andraos, York University (Toronto), which especially focuses on chemistry but covers other sciences as well.
Free pharmaceutical encyclopedia, following the Wikipedia model (anyone can edit entries). The English can be of variable quality, but it has lots of detail and can be a good starting place.
Paul Gallagher found this downloadable technical German-English dictionary from Degussa Construction Chemicals: "Two-column table, 971 pages in 2.3 MB, no intro or other explanation. 52 entries per page..."
Paul Gallagher found this downloadable, searchable Glossary of Oilfield Production Terminology from the American Petroleum Institute (API).
Chiara Rizzi pointed out this nice Italian dictionary (really more of an encyclopedia) of chemistry and industrial chemistry.
French plastics glossary.
Plastic Container Glossary. Check out the whole site for useful info on glass and plastic bottles and closures, lots of pictures.
Closure glossary (in English).
Spanish-English dictionary for clinical laboratory work.
Glossary for Filter Users (English).
Very handy alcohol glossary. About how to make it, not how to drink it...
Nice collection of resources (including good glossaries) on adhesives. German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and eventually Norwegian (some parts are under construction for some languages).
English glossary for adhesives.
Michael Roehrig found this useful site for "Chemical safety information in many languages... Among other information: the R and S phrases" in many different languages.
Michael P. Osmann suggests this English Chemical Safety Information Glossary from the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University. "Read about argyrism and find out why your mom told you not to put coins in your mouth."
Michael Roehrig, says this wine glossary (in German) is quite complete.
Michael Molin found the Merck Chemical Databases, searchable.
ISO Terminology/Total Quality Management.
Glossary of Quality Terms.

Suzanne Bernard provides the big list below on quality management and ISO glossaries:
Glossary of key ISO 9000 terms
250+ common Quality Management acronyms and terms. Including ISO 9000:2000 definitions (highlighted), all crosslinked.
Quality Glossary
Total Quality Management ISO 9000 Web Resources (Ronald D. Pollock).
Nice Italian glossary at the Euromembrane site for waterproofing coatings.
Excellent details on use/abuse of antibiotics in intensive care units. Have to love an author who explains: "We are in the age of bacteria, which started about 3.5 billion years ago, and still shows no signs of ending. Other non-bacterial organisms (which, from the bacterial point of view, are merely nutrient-rich broth in a flimsy package) have two choices: 1. Be eaten now; or 2. Find ways of co-operating with the bacteria, or at least coexisting fairly amicably (Be eaten later)."
Debbie Vidinha points out this "Glossary for the Modern Soap Maker: A collection of terms, definitions and acronyms for today's soap maker" at her company's site.
Toxicology glossary (English) from the US National Library of Medicine.
Glossary of terms for adhesives and sealants (English).
Applied Geology Dictionary, French-German-English-Spanish version and German-English-Spanish-French version. Also useful for chemistry.
Nice list of some chemical names (with structural formulas) in the languages of the European Community. Good for comparing nomenclature conventions.
Polymer glossary in French with definitions, including English equivalents.
Glossary of Terms for phase equilibria, in English.
Downloadable pdf doc: La pharmacovigilance de A à Z (Detailed explanations of terms/concepts in French with English equivalents for terms). Excellent resource if you do pharmaceutical work.
IUPAC terminology in stereochemistry.>
David Vaughn suggests this site for herbal info and pictures: "An Illustrated Herbal (continually growing)."
Curiously useful guide (in German) to writing chemistry reports. If you're trying to extract some meaning from an obscure prefix on an otherwise understandable word, this may reassure you that the prefix is indeed overkill and means absolutely nothing .... (Worked for me!)
Nice adhesives and sealants glossary (English).
Electrochemistry Dictionary. "Simple and brief definitions of words and phrases used often in electrochemistry."
Very nice details, structures etc. for a variety of classes of biologically important compounds. Also check out the home page for other useful stuff on genetics and biochemistry.
Glossary of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Nice downloadable glossary German-English on plant genetics.
Anna Pinniger found this SIGEDA site: "a factual database in German language containing information on hazardous chemicals and mixtures of substances with emphasis on German regulations and standards for chemicals and on occupational hygiene."
Nice epilepsy-related glossary (in English).
Glossary of Terms and Symbols Used in Pharmacology (in English).
Hit the "LIBRARY" link at the top of the page to get the list of online books, articles, reports available related to psychotropic drugs.
Denzel Dyer provides this page for "some information of possible interest to people wanting to get into pharmaceutical translation. It includes URLs for several magazines in the field."
Omar Johnstone points out this url with some free searchable databases for drugs, pharma companies, medical/pharma/biotech associations. Other options are subscription only.
Denzel Dyer says this online IUPAC Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature is quite useful.
Drug Delivery glossary of terms.
Specialized glossaries in English for biotech, chemistry, acoustics, electronics, geology, etc.
Online Aquatic Pest Control Applicator Training Manual. Very useful for various pesticide applications as well. Pictures and great detail. Also check out the main link for other useful information.
Glossary of biotechnology and genetic engineering from FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).
Glossary of Archaic Chemical Terms. Handy for all us archaic chemists....
Great collection of info and downloadable pdf files for journal articles and other reports about biofilters/biodegradation technology by an active researcher in the field (Marc Deshusses' homepage).
Tony Crawford stumbled across this site to help us "keep up with cutting- edge biotechnology/pharmaceutical terms you won't find in most dictionaries."
Complete table of contents for Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry ‹ also searchable. Poke around the site to see similar resources.
Nice detailed online text on distillation.
German-English elastomer glossary. Short but useful.
Natural gas glossary (English) from the American Gas Association.
Oil and fats glossary (English) ‹ short, but good explanations of parameters and tests.
Good text on pharmaceutical compounding procedures (including how to read a prescription) and very helpful RealPlayer/AVI movies of the procedures.
Nice glossary for dissolution work (pharmaceutical tablet testing), also other detailed info on the "Dissolution Solutions Network" site.
Basic analytical chemistry techniques, with color pictures. Almost as good as being there!
Check out the resources on this site from ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering).
Glossary for English cookery texts of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Penny loaves, musk-flavored cakes, mummy medicinals, eggs preserved in wood-ashes... Fascinating reading. (And yes, cooking is chemistry!)
Alan Johnson found this list of plastics abbreviations.
Nice German and English glossaries respectively from FDG, the Association of the German Rubber-Lining Industry, that you can use to match up terms. I think they translated an English glossary, at least the English is good and reliable.
More edible chemistry from Dagmara Meijers-Troller: "More names for tofu than you might care to know, plus lots of other things too."
From Nelson Laterman: French/English lists of dangerous goods with UN number and chemical name.
Iris Heres found this "German but also multilingual" source for spices. The above links are for the German and English versions of the site.
Denzel Dyer has put some very nice glossaries for technical translators on his web site: Abbreviations (English); Firearms Glossary (German/English); Guns and Ammunition, Special Terminology (English); Microbiology Glossary (German/English); Optical Microscopy Glossary (German, French, Spanish and English).
Very nice pharmacology glossary (detailed explanations).
Can't find your periodic table under the clutter on your desk? This site will give you a nice summary of the elements and their properties, methods of isolation, and other fun facts (plus their names in several languages). Even has movies of the elements doing their stuff!
The US Food and Drug Administration/Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition has a variety of non-English versions of their docs online, which can be useful as Rosetta Stones in relevant areas.
Plastics glossary.
Tanya Gesse says "I found much of what I needed re: plastics, injection molding, etc., on this bilingual English/Russian injection molding site."
European Pharmacopoeia site. Has some useful pdf downloads.
Sue Horn contributes this "search engine for chemical names", in English.
Fun and informative site on all the nitty-gritty of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
Excellent English-Russian glossary (with detailed Russian explanations) of terminology used in clinical trials of drugs.
Anne Brandsma-Gayón says: "Here are two pages to learn more (much more indeed!) about Cognac, Grande and Petite Champagne..." Well, I guess it fits under chemistry, since ethanol is a solvent!
Michael Molin found this site for physical and chemical standard reference data from NIST.
Erika Pavelka found this "food service industry glossary".
List of various medical device tests with good descriptions.
Helen Chihoski Casas says this is an "excellent textile glossary from a chemical point of view."
Another pointer from Helen Chihoski Casas:"a list of natural fibre types (with Latin names)."
Susan Larsson says she has "quite a few pharmaceutical links here, with a few for chemistry as well."
Susan Larsson says "this is probably the best directory of chemistry sites."
Science and Technology Dictionary. In French, with an English version.
Ellie Rea found this fragrance/olfactory glossary.
IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology. Search or browse.
Helen Chihoski Casas says about this glossary: "Everything you wanted to know (and didn't want to know) about chromatography."
Manon Bergeron recommends this site for links to good info about pharmacology.
Veronica Lambert found this pharmaceutical glossary handy. Includes jargon used in clinical trial protocols and acronyms also.
Organic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions and Unnamed Reactions by A. Hassner and C. Stumer can be browsed online. Click on the "read it!" link above the book cover.
Iris Heres says this is a "great Swiss site about drugs in German." I was intrigued by the smiley face, something.

Iara Regina Brazil suggests these three biochemistry/organic chemistry links, all in English:
bioinorganic chemistry terms.
Classes of organic compounds.
A list of online biomedical glossaries and dictionaries.
Vera Buchalla points out this page of links to chemical info in various languages.
Peter Spitz says this is a "great source for food processing and food science with many specialized glossaries."
Denzel Dyer (DD) passes on this indispensable source of IUPAC chemical nomenclature rules. It has already saved me more than once! “Fairly official help on chemical nomenclature, with some structural formulas as examples.”—DD
If you ever have trouble accessing this site, you might check out
as an alternate.
“High-pressure liquid chromatography valves, injectors, etc. Downloadable catalogs.”—DD
“Mallinckrodt laboratory chemicals. Catalog searchable by name, formula, CAS Registry Number. Not as useful as the Merck Index, but not to be overlooked.”—DD
“Electron microscopy primarily, but also information on optical microscopy (e. g., a listing of stains), microtome knives, optical cements.”—DD
“The Sigma and Aldrich chemical catalogs. The Sigma catalog, for instance, has some extra information about lab testing procedures.”—DD
“Information on sources of chemicals, prices, companies.”—DD
I ran into two excellent detailed textbooks here on some important manufacturing processes (with figures and equations etc.) in a format suitable for reading with your Web browser. You can choose either Semiconductor Processing by Raj Mutharasan or Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing by Charles B. Weinberger.
“Your Business Connection to the Chemical Industry.” Worth a look if you do anything in industrial/applied chemistry. You also can subscribe to their free e-mail newsletter.
This is basically Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sonochemistry....
Here is quite a find if you do work on phase transformations in steels: an extensive review paper on the Web (complete with good photos) called The Bainite Reaction by H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia. The site includes British English, Spanish, and French versions. I can’t judge the Spanish and French properly, but the English version is excellent. The translators’ names are included. By the way, I found the use of Web Buddy (see very valuable for this site; this is an example of software which allows you to save a web page or web site to disk (specifying how many levels deep you want to go in the links), including all the images. You can then either open up the pages offline in your browser or convert them to your word processor format for easy reference and also searching for terms.
An online tutorial in Flow Injection Analysis and Flow Injection and Sequential Injection Analysis.“This Short Tutorial on FIA/SIA is intended for newcomers to the field, as well as those who would like to add to their knowledge and current experience.”
Don Carey pointed out this“multilingual Finnish technical database”.
Michael Rowley says,“I’ve just had another look at and was impressed by the increase in the number of documents now available, some of them in PDF, RTF, or Word formats.”
A list of links on beverages, passed along by Margarete Marchetti. The descriptions are in Portuguese, but the links are in various languages.

All the following sites have weekly e-mail newsletters also, subscription info on the entry page:
Pulp and Paper Online:“for professionals and vendors in the global pulp and paper industry.”
Water Online:“for professionals and vendors in the water and wastewater industry.”
Pollution Online:“for professionals and vendors in the pollution equipment and pollution control industry.”
Wonderful source of detailed information (whole articles with illustrations) about lyophilization (freeze-drying). Includes glossary.
Site in both English and German with useful resources for pharmaceutical work, pointed out by Juergen Hofmann.
Tony Roder suggests these sites (with pictures!) when you are trying to decide what to call some piece of labware.
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Salt.
Online or downloadable Manual for the Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water: Criteria and Procedure, Quality Assurance. Nice detail.
The Wheaton Science Catalog has good detail and pictures of a variety of lab equipment.
Excellent search routine for articles related to photography.
Chemical Abstracts Keyword Index.
Links to info on safety regulations for chemicals in various countries.
Michelle Asselin suggests this useful glossary "for the explanation of medical and pharamcological terminology," including links to articles for more information.
Manual of standards for diagnostic tests & vaccines. Compiled by the Office International des Epizooties (OIE), the world organisation for animal health. Good detail on non-human diseases, vaccines, tests, etc.
Explanatory dictionary of chemistry in Italian.
“The University of Arizona put together this informative and well-designed site on the history of pharmacy.”—CH, WebToday
Manual of standards for diagnostic tests & vaccines. Compiled by the Office International des Epizooties (OIE), the world organisation for animal health. Good detail on non-human diseases, vaccines, tests, etc.