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by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Searchable and browsable, "Clear answers for common questions" as articles in many different categories, including Technology and Gadgets, Internet and Computers, Manufacturing and Industry, Science and Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology, Medicine and Treatments, Health and Wellness, Attorneys and the Law, and many others.
Kirill Sereda found this list of MT services from the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation.
R. Vidinha from eWebPages suggests their Glossary of Web Directory Terminology.
Michael Wojcik of Commvault sent us the link to their Data Backup glossary, containing "an extensive list of terms related to data management, backup and protection."
"Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words."
Nice little Virtual Reality glossary. (English)
Adam Melson says that, a website provider, "has a glossary filled with web & internet terms. Many of these terms are not found in current dictionaries and help define some of the simple aspects of the internet, like a pixel or a subdomain, but then go into newer words & sites, like Technorati or a Flickr Pools."
Computer/information technology glossary. English words with Russian equivalents and detailed Russian explanations.
Good info on computer memory in SUPPORT section, including a detailed glossary of terms. (English)
Free access to preprints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics. (English)
OpenCourseware: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) course materials are available for free to anybody, "spanning MIT's entire curriculum": Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Health Sciences and Technology, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Management, Science, etc. Engineering includes Computer Science. (English)
Paul Frank says: "Here's a list of official French Internet terms, courtesy of the Journal Officiel."
French computer glossary and also a French-English internet "mini-dictionary".
Tony Crawford found this site on "Basic Computer Spanglish Pitfalls".
Alexandra Scott found this three-language glossary useful (French, English, Russian).
Michael Molin says this is a "very comprehensive" Software Process Engineering Glossary in English/German.
François Lavallée found these French IT resources: Lexique sur l'informatique et les domaines connexes and Lexique du chiffrement et de la sécurité informatique.
Online version of the Microsoft Press Computer-Fachlexikon mit Fachwörterbuch (deutsch-englisch/englisch-deutsch).
German-English computer glossary.
Dicionário de informática e computação. From Sue Horn's url collection.
Michelle Asselin suggests this online French resource, "glossaire de termes informatiques".
Dictionary of Digital Media. Searchable and browsable.
Jacques Clau suggests this On-Line Dictionary of Computing, "with links to OneLook and Google for the searched terms, and a list of nearby terms".
Elliott Urdang says: "Here's an interesting statistics site".
Michelle Asselin found this French jargon glossary.
Michael Molin found this Dictionary of Programming Languages.
Michael Molin found this multilingual ISI Glossary of Statistical Terms.
Claire Parker found this computer glossary, "in French, but the English definitions are given too".
Luca Fantini recommends this Italian glossary for Information Technology.
Silke Clerkin suggests this Information Technology glossary.
Paul Makinen says "Vadim Maslov's Sovinformbureau site has a wonderful summary of Russification procedures for various operating systems (Unix, MS Windows, MS DOS, Macintosh), and a test page to test the Russification with when you're done."
Michael Molin points out this source of many specialized computer hardware glossaries. Just click on an item on the left (computer memory, motherboards, hard drives, video & graphics, etc.) and look for the glossary link on the page.
Margaret Doney found this page of links to free online editions of computer and Internet books.
Catriona Lischka passes along this Glossary of English SAP terms. The glossary says SAP = Systems, Application and Products in data processing.
Denzel Dyers points us to this site. “This is a Gateway 2000 entry, with a glossary of computer terms. I don’t consider it really extensive, but it is quick and easy to use.”—DD
Here is a nice page of links which include German mac info.
The German macintosh faq.

Also see Macworld/Macwelt in the “Rosetta Stones” section.
Iain Mackenzie points out the German “Conrad catalog, which contains lots of useful information about electronic equipment.”
Charles Heidenberg pointed out this site for German computer terms.
PACS for the Uninitiated: A Primer by Phillip Berman, M.D. "If you can run a CT console or angio table, but can't manage to run a PC, this book is for you." Fun online introduction to networked computer mysteries for teleradiologists (or anybody else!). The author has the right attitude (although not the right spell checker....)
Suz Falcone points out this searchable site with thousands of computer-related acronyms (in English).
Looking for books on computers and technology? Check out this searchable site.
Looking for Macintosh terminology in various languages? Check out MacWorld's various editions (look for the Macworld International links on the home page). Last time I looked, they had MacWelt (German) and MacWorld Spain, Italy, Russia, Sweden, China, and UK editions (the main mag is US English). Searchable -- hit the Magazine link for the search page.
Erika Pavelka says this site claims to be "the only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology."
Catherine Guilliaumet found this Spanish teleprocessing glossary.