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Economics and Finances

by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.

Economics and Finances
Rachael Gerson at Intuit passed along this detailed glossary in their Payment Solutions section that should be helpful for anyone dealing with US banking/credit card etc. terms. (English)
Homebuyer's glossary.
Mortgage glossary.
Robert Joyner, who works for HSH Associates (a publisher of consumer loan information), suggests we might be interested in some information at their site. Click on the Articles & Information link, which currently includes the above glossaries.
Fritz Walkenau says "Goyax is one of the largest German websites about finance, economics and stocks with the very intelligent "Power Suche" (power search) for stocks."
Carol Shaw found this Logistics and Fulfillment Chain glossary.
OpenCourseware: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) course materials are available for free to anybody, "spanning MIT's entire curriculum": Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Health Sciences and Technology, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Management, Science, etc. (English)
Bettina Karpel found these French and English versions of an insurance glossary.
In case you ever need to know what real money looks like.
Paul Gallagher found this stock analysis site.
Alan Johnson "stumbled across this glossary of terms and acronyms at the US Bureau of Economic Analysis."
Michelle Asselin found this internet sales glossary. The first link is the French version, the second link is the English version. The glossary is part of a much larger site on the subject.
Paul B. Gallagher says about this "Current value of old money" site: "Lots of good links, including calculators, CPI data, etc. for many countries."
Martin Douch suggests this financial glossary from the World Bank.
Peter Tuffley found this searchable glossary of investment terms.
Michelle Asselin found this "glossary with over 5000 financial terms in English, German, French and Italian.."
Michael Roehrig suggests this insurance glossary (German, English, French, Italian) with terms and explanations that "can be cross-combined among the four languages.",14317,1164784,00.html
Joss Heywood found this little British financial glossary "with some terms which may be helpful, e.g 'gazundering' and 'tracker fund'. "
Iris Heres recommends this site for financial glossaries.
Business Spanish-English glossary.
Paul Gallagher points out this "Russian and English financial and accounting glossary."
Paul Gallagher suggests this Glossary of Compensation Terms from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 78 pp., 1998 18,037 words, 456 terms (including cross-references).,294,&item_id=9684
Nice explanation of the French social security system in all its glory, in English for foreigners living in France.
Found by François Lavallée: financial glossary, French-English.
MediaLine's marketing glossary with explanations in German and English.
Claire Parker found this English glossary of media terms.
Michael Molin suggests this site for business jargon of all sorts. Searchable.
Oana Popescu says: "A good and comprehensive site on marketing. It has its own business & marketing glossary, but also a selection of others on related topics(finance, internet, sociology, political, philosophical, law, environmental, etc.)."
From Michael Grant: "A nice English/German/French/Italian banking glossary." Has explanations in the different languages.
Anya Malhotra points out this "directory of financial glossaries."
E-business glossary.
Susan Larsson says, "The New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA) General Committee on Public Relations has prepared this glossary as an educational tool for journalists who report on and interpret financial information."
Has simple and advanced search of articles from the journal The Economist and a library.
Michelle Asselin found this Investment Glossary. They claim "With over 5,000 definitions and 15,000 links between related terms, InvestorWords is the most comprehensive financial glossary you'll find anywhere, online or off."

Paul Gallagher points out these useful links from
Glossary of terms: Real Estate definitions.
Glossary of terms: Auto loan and lease definitions.
Glossary of terms: Bankruptcy definitions.
Glossary of terms: Home equity definitions.
Glossary of terms: Mortgage definitions.
Glossary of terms: Online banking definitions.
Glossary of terms: Federal Reserve Board.