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by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Yves Lanthier suggests this bilingual concordance for translation ideas. (English, French, Spanish)
Kirill Sereda found this online dictionary of French verbs: "The verbs have examples with syntactic structures, and can be viewed by semantic-syntactic class or by domain (e.g. 'electricity')." By Jean Dubois and Françoise Dubois-Charlier.
From Kirill Sereda: "An online library of French literature."
Again from Kirill Sereda: "FranceTerme is a website of the French Ministry of culture created in order to collect and publish French neologisms coined to match foreign terms and fight the invasion of foreign loan words."
Howard Scott suggests these two Académie Française sites for language questions. The questions area is quite browsable. (French)
Linguee, a very helpful searchable collection of source/target words and phrases in the context of full sentences (see Oct 2009 issue under German), is expanding beyond German/English. Michelle Asselin gave us this general link to English/German, English/Spanish, English/French, and English/Portuguese versions. The site bills itself as "The web as a dictionary--Search millions of sentences translated by other people." I've found it very useful in my own work, although "Caveat lector"--good for ideas, but don't assume consistent quality from the "other people."
Here's a handy list of abbreviations used in French note-taking (e.g., ds for dans). (French)
The Canadian government's French-English-Spanish database is now open to everybody for free! Choose your interface language, then select Launch Termium Plus on left-hand sidebar.
Patterson's classic French-English Dictionary for Chemists, 2nd. Ed (1939) in plain text, downloadable form. Useful even with ocr mistakes. Also available as a searchable flip-book image of original (choose "read online" after clicking "see other formats" button). Just like having the book on your desk, without the dust. Even better, since the search brings up phrases that include the search word.
Mijnwoordenboek is a free translation dictionary where you can translate words to and from English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch. In addition to the translations you can also conjugate verbs, check your spelling, find synonyms and find rhyme words.
Interesting way to keep up your French. Even shows French gestures!
Kirk McElhearn suggests this downloadable French>English food glossary.
English>Irish technical glossary.
Paul Makinen found this Bulgarian-English-French legal glossary.
Alexandra Scott discovered the French equivalent of the English Visual Thesaurus: Dictionnaire des synonymes franÞais, an "amazing tool, which is free gratis... It doesn't have the dynamic performance of the English version [see Glossaries and Dictionaries for a description of the English Visual Thesaurus] but is pretty impressive so far."
Billy O'Shea suggested this resource, I think after some people on Lantra revealed they simply start talking another language if caught by a telemarketer.
Kirk McElhearn suggests this downloadable French>English food glossary.

Mirella Soffio suggests the following three Italian/English/French dictionaries online:

English/Italian/French online dictionary suggested by Mirella Soffio
Robert Paquin recommends this Dictionnaire des Collocations (which verbs go with which nouns...). In French, including more than 24 900 collocations.
Robert Paquin recommends the Linguadict online dictionary for German>English and also German>French.
Michael Roehrig suggests this insurance glossary (German, English, French, Italian) with terms and explanations that "can be cross-combined among the four languages."

Steven DeWitt found this "International Dictionary of Literary Terms" (French-English).
Multilingual dictionaries, very useful. Search is fast and smooth. Spanish><English, Italian><English, French><English, German><English, plus has the Collins English dictionary. Also has instructions for installing in Netscape or Internet Explorer to look up words on web pages if you're afflicted with Windows.
Really helpful French-German list of expanded abbreviations. The first link has German abbreviations/expansions with French equivalents, the second link has French abbreviations/expansions with German equivalents.
David Durand says this is "an excellent translation tool for technical terms".
Titia Schuurman found this site that lets you search old French dictionaries. REALLY old: Simultaneous search in Thresor de la langue française of Jean Nicot (1606), Dictionnaire de L'Académie française, 1st edition (1694), 5th edition  (1798), and 6th edition (1835). Or the Dictionnaire historique et critique of Pierre Bayle (1740) and the Dictionarium latinogallicum of Robert Estienne (1552).
Pottery glossary, English/French/German.

Le Monde
“France’s leading newspaper will keep you up-to-date on happenings in the French-speaking world.” [You download articles in Adobe Acrobat Reader format from this.]

The Louvre
“Visit the world famous art museum in Paris and discover its rich art, history, and architecture in the original French.”

French Links Galore!
“Surf to your heart’s content. The French counterpart of the popular Yahoo Directory offers thousands of interesting links.”