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by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
German teacher Lucas Kern sends us these links to his site, intended to help people learn German at different levels and also provide German teachers with some classroom ideas. He keeps adding more audio lessons every week.
Patterson's classic German-English Dictionary for Chemists, 1st Ed. (1917) in plain text, downloadable form. Useful even with ocr mistakes. Also available as searchable flip-book image of original (choose "read online" in list of other formats). Just like having the book on your desk, without the dust. Even better, since the search brings up compound words and phrases that include the search word.
Fritz Walkenau says "Goyax is one of the largest German websites about finance, economics and stocks with the very intelligent "Power Suche" (power search) for stocks."
Fritz Walkenau also suggests as "one of the largest German websites about the weather in Germany."
Very helpful collection of words/phrases in context taken from web sources (German with English translations and maybe vice-versa). Visitors can rank the contributions. (German, English)
Nice glossary with cultural notes for navigating the perilous seas of the German educational system at all levels. (German, English)
Searchable lexicon of German abbreviations.
Alan Johnson suggests this online style guide for the German federal government.
Mijnwoordenboek is a free translation dictionary where you can translate words to and from English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch. In addition to the translations you can also conjugate verbs, check your spelling, find synonyms and find rhyme words.
German Abbreviations with English meanings.
Paul Gallagher found this downloadable technical German-English dictionary from Degussa Construction Chemicals: "Two-column table, 971 pages in 2.3 MB, no intro or other explanation. 52 entries per page..."
Robert Paquin recommends the Linguadict online dictionary for German>English and also German>French. (German)
(German/English) (English) (Romanian) Tony Crawford found the above links on ratings, affinity and audience share in the media context.
Michael Roehrig suggests this insurance glossary (German, English, French, Italian) with terms and explanations that "can be cross-combined among the four languages."
Multilingual dictionaries, very useful. Search is fast and smooth. Spanish><English, Italian><English, French><English, German><English, plus has the Collins English dictionary. Also has instructions for installing in Netscape or Internet Explorer to look up words on web pages if you're afflicted with Windows.
German-English dictionary.
Paul Merriam says: "This has a lot of forms from assorted German government offices and some sample letters to send to them."
Michael Osmann found three dictionaries (in German) for nutrition, diabetes, and the kidneys at this location.
Anya Malhotra found this "German army unit glossary with acronyms" (German - English ).
Really helpful French-German list of expanded abbreviations. The first link has German abbreviations/expansions with French equivalents, the second link has French abbreviations/expansions with German equivalents.
Michael Roehrig passed along this source for Spanish-German "false friends".
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in the German-Language Press.
Handy searchable site for German/English acronyms.
MediaLine's marketing glossary with explanations in German and English.
German-English botany glossary.
Pottery glossary, English/French/German
German-English glossaries for water applications.

Die Welt
“A terrific online German language daily newspaper complete with archives.”

Bayerischer Rundfunk
“A German television website. Catch up on current news, culture, stock reports and weather direct from Germany.”

“If you want an almost unlimited supply of German-language web sites to explore, be sure to visit DINO. It’s awesome.”
Here is an interesting collection of “false friends” for English-to-German translators maintained by Stefan Winterstein-Theobald.