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Web Surfing for Fun and Profit

International Affairs

by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Paul B. Gallagher suggests this news search engine that "includes long list of subjects, as well as links to 240 indexed news sites."

These are all from the prolific Susan Rials (SR).
United Nations and other international organizations. “This is a well-designed page of useful links.”—SR
EuroNet. “Extensive collection of links to European databases, journals, organizations, and more; some are multilingual.”—SR
Cordis. “Searchable databases of EU/EC documents of all kinds; 5 languages.”—SR
Court of Justice of the European Communities. “11 languages; access to documents, proceedings, and more.”—SR
Europa. “European Union server, in 4 languages.”—SR
IDEA. “The Electronic Directory of the European Institutions”—SR
“Selection of Official Telecommunications Documents: in English, French, and German.”—SR