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by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Searchable and browsable, "Clear answers for common questions" as articles in many different categories, including Technology and Gadgets, Internet and Computers, Manufacturing and Industry, Science and Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology, Medicine and Treatments, Health and Wellness, Attorneys and the Law, and many others.
Joel A. Sumner from Teogatha Law provides this "hyperlinked tax terms glossary". (English)
From Michael Burns, Legal Glossaries page of the web site of the Superior Court of California/County of Sacramento (USA): "Quite a number of legal (courtroom oriented) bilingual glossaries ... I was reminded of this by an email from the Spanish for Social Change website, which deserves credit." Paul Gallagher points out that (judging from the English-Russian glossary), these resources explain the English terms in the two languages but the translations from English do not necessarily provide the true equivalent term in the other language. The glossaries are just intended for use when dealing with non-English speakers in California courts. The individual links on that page are for the legal glossaries for English, English/Arabic, English/Armenian (Western), English/Hindi, English/Hmong, English/Mien, English/Mong, English/Punjabi, English/Romanian, English/Russian, English/Spanish, English/Urdu, English/Vietnamese.
Shannon Bachorick highly recommends this legal resource: Legal Dictionary of Property in Canada. (French, English).
Karin Zimmer found this Spanish/English court/legal terminology glossary, courtesy the California (USA) court system. There are some other English/Spanish legal resources also.
Henry Whyte recommends this one: "Nice site for legal French." Provides detailed explanations of terms.
Michelle Asselin found this "Juridictionnaire: a compendium of the difficulties and expressions in legal French", mostly inside Canada. (French)
From Paul Makinen: British Court System Search Engine. The HMCS (Her Majesty's Courts Service) site has most information available in Welsh as well as in English.
Paul Makinen found this Bulgarian-English-French legal glossary.
Michelle Asselin found this collection of legal essays (French/English): Langage du Droit et Traduction/The Language of the Law and Translation. Essais de jurilinguistique/Essays on Jurilinguistics.
I recently stumbled into Margaret Marks' "Transblawg" (Weblog on German-English legal translation). Have to put it in both the FUN and LEGAL resources category, because it's full of both.
Karin Zimmer found the Institute of Global Law site: "Cases from Germany/Austria/France/Israel (not much from Israel). Statutes from Germany and France."
Nice Spanish-English legal glossary.
World Legal Information Institute. Delyth Yabar says "This seems to gather a lot of information on one site, set out by organisation, treaty, region, etc."
Manten van Steenbergen says: "Apparently (much of) Celex is now accessible for free (Celex is a collection of EU legislation.)."
Michael Grant found this site "for aficionados of legalese," containing "a collection of delightfully impenetrable sample contracts."
Jo Ann Cahn points out this site for "French law translations into English and Spanish."
Hector Gayon points out this "Dictionnaire multilingue juridique Quadrirédacteur de Pierre Lerat" for French to German, English, and Italian.
Iris Heres found this interesting site on French-American Commercial Litigation: "How to avoid being forced to litigate in France, How to understand French Commercial Litigation Practices." Very detailed, has French and English resources.
Michelle Asselin suggests this French/English site for explanations of legal terms.
Links to national and international law sites, pointed out by Iris Heres.
Michael Molin points out the Avalon Project "Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy."
Manon Bergeron says about this site for US Court Forms as downloadable pdf docs: "These documents may come in handy for finding "official" terminology or examples of forms. The site is divided into two sections: Federal forms and State forms. The federal forms collection contains court forms for federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts." Also has other types of forms (e.g., contracts) and links to more resources.
Pierre Renault suggests these helpful links (English and French, respectively) for "all federal legislation, i.e. statues and regulations, for Canada, organised by chapter names in English".
Pierre Renault says: "You'll also find useful links related to the federal government (the official Gazette, constitutional text) here."
Salvador Virgen provides this url for a "portal to the Mexican Government. Laws, Standards, State and City governments."
Michael Molin contributes this link to the "Cornell Legal Research Encyclopedia".
Viktor Shevelyov points out Everybody's Legal Dictionary.
Another one from Viktor Shevelyov: Legal Encyclopedia in plain English.
Manon Bergeron provides these Japanese law links.
Manon Bergeron recommends this site "for those translating legal documents". Information for both Spain and Latin America, all in Spanish.
Lexacom English training teaches English to non-English lawyers. Good links to legal resources.

From Susan Rials (SR), a great collection of legal resources:
“Cornell’s Legal Information Institute is a good place to start with legal research.”—SR
“The World Wide Web’s Virtual Library—Law is another great place to start.”—SR
“One more legal source: The Law Engine.”—SR
“For bilingual info on Canadian law, try Canada’s Bibliothèque Virtuelle-Legislation.”—SR
“The Web’s Legal Dictionary (Eng only) contains clear definitions of many legal terms.”—SR
Per Dohler (Triacom) originally pointed us to his “list of abbreviations of German laws (these abbrevs crop up all the time in German texts)” free for downloading. But while you’re on the page, check out the other neat things in his archive.
Great list of legal links (including patent info).
Anne Brandsma suggests this site for French legal resources.