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Library Catalogs

by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Howard Scott found this site with "links to Electronic Libraries listed by continent and country."
“Search results on library resources: links to major libraries.”—Brian Holton
Tim Slater pointed this one out. I use it frequently also.
“Libraries in the United States and Canada (links to a dozen Libraries).”—Tim Slater
“Inkspot’s Guide to on-line Libraries”—Tim Slater
Tim Slater also pointed out Libweb, which says it “currently lists over 2000 pages from libraries in over 70 countries."
“The University of Maryland...has a good web page that eventually offers access to libraries worldwide. [For the telnet catalog]: Type PAC for the public access catalog: They are part of the CARL network, and you can get access to any CARL library.”—Paul Makinen

“This can be used to access lots of libraries.”—Paul Makinen
A very easy to use US library catalog is at Case Western Reserve University. I use it frequently. It is telnet based, but can be accessed from web page given if you have a telnet application installed.

In German:
“...has a list of online libraries”—Michael Ellis.
Michael Ellis also says “The “Verbundkataloge” web sites allow you to search several catalogues and have further links:"
Karlsruhe virtual library
North German universities

Ralf Schellenberger pointed out the HEIDI library catalog at Heidelberg. Since I tried a lot of unsuccessful ways to access the catalog, here is the very easy successful way:
When asked for your login, just type heidi (always use lower case when talking to this catalog) and you skip over the password part. Then choose the VT100 option (2 in the list you are given). Then choose the option “info", you don’t need a Benutzernummer for that one. Then just hit y and you will be zipped to a comprehensible numerical option display, as is typical for online library catalogs. When in doubt, always hit y and you will get another option display that’s easy to follow.
Franz Fackler suggests this site for accessing UK and Irish library catalogs.
Franz Fackler also suggests this site for European libraries. or or
Los Alamos National Laboratory online library catalog. Many reports are available online and you will be referred to the appropriate web page to download in Acrobat Reader (pdf) format. You can search by title, author, report number, etc.
Sandia National Laboratories online library catalog.
Howard Scott suggests looking at the "new address and a new (and seems to be improved after one quick search) interface for the Library of Congress Online Catalog."
Steven Geller suggests this online catalog at the University of California, Berkeley.
This will allow you to search both the University of Tübingen catalog and many others, apparently (pull down the menu next to the Katalog-Info button). Both German and English versions.