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by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Marie-Louise Desfray found this "SAP multilingual termbase."
Marie-Louise Desfray found this link to two EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) glossaries: European Cycling Lexicon (2011 edition, EN/FR/DE) and Let's Speak Sustainable Construction Multilingual Glossary. The Sustainable Construction glossary seems to have something for almost everybody (EN/BG/RO/HU; EN/CS/SK/PL; EN/DA/SV/FI; EN/ET/LV/LT; EN/EL/MT/SL; EN/FR/DE/ES; EN/FR/DE/NL; EN/PT/IT/ES). They all include pictures and are downloadable as pdf's.
Glossary of ceramic terms. (English)
"An online service for journal content published by IOP Publishing." Many areas of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics. Seems to sometimes include full articles. ,br> Many resources in the Library that are relevant to characterization of powders and solids, including a glossary.
Searchable and browsable, "Clear answers for common questions" as articles in many different categories, including Technology and Gadgets, Internet and Computers, Manufacturing and Industry, Science and Engineering, Anatomy and Physiology, Medicine and Treatments, Health and Wellness, Attorneys and the Law, and many others.
From Kirill Sereda: A patent-related web site for Japanese.
In Russian: The Physics Encyclopedia (Fizicheskaya Entsiklopediya) Online. Work in progress, but gives images of relevant pages with a clickable index. (Russian)
Glossary of Video Terms from High-Tech Productions. (English)
David Olson found this glossary for stainless steel. (English)
Matthew Schlecht points out this site for scientific terminology, Exemplar Words in Context: "Exemplar searches over 1,900 journals and close to 4,000 books from Springer’s collection to find authentic examples of how a word or phrase is used in published literature.... Exemplar was created via a collaboration between Springer Science & Business Media and the Center for Biomedical and Health Linguistics." Do be careful about Springer's translations, though. Always verify in native expert sources.
The first link is the French/English text of the International Vocabulary of Metrology - Basic and General Concepts and Associated Terms/Vocabulaire international de métrologie - Concepts fondamentaux et généraux et terms associés (VIM).

The next two links are Russian resources that include translations of the material in the VIM, complete with section references so they can be compared to French and English terms.
The US National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) has a large volume of documents available online now. Searchable. (English)
Oil&Gas Field Technical Terms Glossary. (English)
Oil & Gas Refining Glossary. (English)
A nice article with video on electrospinning.
The Glossary of Leather Terms, from the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies (IULTCS).
Glossary from American Leather Chemists Association.
Llamapaedia: Llama/Alpaca wool fiber glossary.
Useful little animations illustrating various aspects of dentistry, along with good questions and answers.
Hosiery Glossary from LEGSOURCE, which has other resources on the subject. (English)
Michael Burns found the following multilingual glossary: "The COUNCIL of the EU Glossary of Security Documents, Security Features and other related technical terms." Examples include security printing, magnetic strip, microchip, etc.
Everything about cement. Glossary, definitions, chemistry, manufacturing. (English)
Nice collection of links to information relevant to Good Manufacturing Practices, SOPs, Batch Records, etc. Includes several FDA resources (tutorial, procedure manual, etc.). (English)
Many detailed resources on Biomedical Optics and Medical Lasers. (English)
Russian lighting glossary. (Russian)
Electropedia: The World's Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary. "The world's most comprehensive online electrical and electronic terminology database containing more than 20,000 terms and definitions in English and French organized by subject area, with equivalent terms in various other languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish." Michael Röhrig says this is his "best find ... Enter a term and see for yourself."

A boatload of Occupational Safety resources from Marie-Louise Desfray:
English and French versions of a list of available databases, including the Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety, 4th Edition (available in English, French, Spanish, Russian). "Covers all aspects of occupational health and safety including occupational diseases, prevention, health promotional activities; legal, ethical and social policy; hazards, accidents and safety management; chemicals in industry, toxicological properties and more."
"The ILO Thesaurus is a compilation of more than 4000 terms relating to the world of work, in English, French, and Spanish. Covers labour and employment policy, human resources planning, labour standards, labour administration and labour relations, vocational training, economic and social development, social security, working conditions, wages, occupational safety and health and enterprise promotion."
"Direct link to ILOTerm and ISI (International Statistics Institute) termbases. ILOTERM is "an invaluable working tool for linguists, provides English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic equivalents of terms in the social and labour fields." Use the login ID "Guest" and the password "guest". Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish (Castilian).
Russian glossary of terms related to plastics with Russian definitions and explanations. (Russian)
The Oregon Medical Laser Center has a good collection of detailed notes on various relevant topics in laser photomedicine and biomedical optics. (English)
Glossary for IR cameras, thermal imaging, night vision, roof moisture detection. (English)
Glossary of Common Biomedical Textile Terms. (English)
All about textiles, in detail. (English)
From the American Institute of Physics. Free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: iResearch for access to AIP physics journals. Even if you don't have a subscription to AIP journals, you can still view free public information (e.g., tables of contents, abstracts).
Kirill Sereda found some English-Spanish geology and geomorphology glossaries here.
GeoLexikon: Das Lexikon der Erde. A geology glossary in German, quite detailed explanations of terms.
Downloadable pdf glossary for applied geology. (English, German, Spanish, French).
Good articles about topics relevant to photography (searchable site).
Remote Sensing Tutorial. Nicely detailed, but still aimed at the non-specialist. Includes a glossary and links to other sites with more information about specific aspects. (English)
Glossary from the National Glass Association, among other resources at the site. (English)
Nice downloadable presentation on how CCDs work originally from Swinburne U in Australia.
R and S phrases (risk and safety) in 23 languages.
Nanopedia: An online resource about nanotechnology from Case Western Reserve University. (English).
The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. If you're uncertain about uncertainty, this is the place for you.
SteeLog: A Metallurgical Dictionary. "More than 5000 terms used in the metals and metalworking industry." Searchable. (English)
Steven DeWitt found this planetary science glossary. (English)
Nicole Choisi says: "Working on a water quality document, I came across the Unesco/UN hydrology multilingual glossary." Michael Burns adds that "the glossary covers areas with broader applications, such as statistics."
Nicole Choisi says "FAOTERM offers valuable language resources."
Paper Glossary & Dictionary. (English)
Many resources about the pulp and paper industry. The second link is a good glossary of papermaking terms. (English)
Nice tutorial on ellipsometry.
Architecture and Construction Dictionary, French-English. Definitions in both languages.
Units converter, part of the eFunda (Engineering Fundamentals) site: "If you practice engineering, more often than not you would find yourself searching for something you knew but could not quite remember. eFunda wants to be your reminder of these formulas. Not only that, eFunda wants to tell you exactly under what conditions those formulas apply, so you don't have to read an entire chapter of the good old textbook." Check out other links to info on materials, design, processes, formulas, and math. (English)
Free downloadable book: The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith. You can read online or download individual chapters. Very well written, very detailed, and very clear, assuming you know some basic electronics. Well worth a look if you do any translation work in this area. And it's searchable! (English)
Adhesives glossary. (English)
Susan Larsson found this interesting multilingual medical physics dictionary: "Currently the Dictionary includes 25 languages: English, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Estonian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Latvian, Russian, Slovenian, Chinese, Persian, Malay...The Dictionary translates terms between any two languages." The first link is temporary, the second link will be its final home.
Kirill Sereda found this ILO Occupational Safety and Health Glossary. (EN, FR, DE, ES, RU)
TerraWiCotta, a French wiki on terra cotta/fired clay especially as used in construction. The link is to its French-English glossary.
Another clay industry French-English glossary.
Glossary for measurement and force sensor technology. is a project of the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland) and indexes freely accessible full-text scientific articles. Provides links for downloading. Searchable.
Toxipedia is a wiki website for topics in toxicology, particularly as related to environmental and public health. The glossary is searchable and browsable.
Sister site to Toxipedia, on Integrated Pest Management (IPM): "IPMopedia offers free and up-to-date integrated pest management advice direct from green gardening experts. Whether you need to identify and eliminate a troublesome pest, find the perfect plant species for a new project, or brush up on the latest planning and design tips, IPMopedia has the tools and information to help you stay green, healthy, and informed."
Fritz Walkenau also suggests as "one of the largest German websites about the weather in Germany."
Quantum dot glossary. Also good information about how quantum dots work and how they compare with bulk semiconductor materials. (English)
Searchable (free abstracts) database of all available journals and conference papers published by the OSA (Optical Society of America). Good resources for optics and photonics.
Self-proclaimed as "The web's most extensive mathematics resource." Good when you're trying to remember what you learned in math class... or how to back-transliterate that Russian name of a theorem!
OCR version of the "Tolkovyi Slovar' Russkogo Yazyka" by Ozhegov and Shvedova. Helpful all-Russian dictionary with Russian explanations of words. Browsable and searchable.
Delyth Yabar found this "interesting collection of links to mono and multilingual glossaries and dictionaries in the field of document conservation."
Karen Tkaczyk found this "comprehensive glossary for the textile industry." Downloadable as pdf or plain text if you sign up for a free account at (see separate entry for description in BOOKS category).
Michelle Asselin found these guides for the environmentally friendly.
Printed Circuit Boards glossary. (English). Other good resources in that area also.
Free registration for AAAS Science Magazine online - access to articles older than 1 year. Free abstracts for all issues.
Mining Glossary, searchable. Also other resources at the site - check out the Toolbox link at the top of the home page for more information about specific areas : ("toolboxes" of short articles, links to other sites for miners, geologists, metallurgists, and environmental work).
Environmental geology glossary. (Russian>English)
Roman Nazarov's Open Skies glossary. Good for remote sensing applications. (Russian-English)
Quality Dictionary and Glossary. (English) Seems quite extensive, including acronyms; people keep posting new terms. My new word for the day:"poka yoke": Japanese term for error-proofing; a poka yoke device "prevents incorrect parts from being made or assembled, or easily identifies a flaw or error.". Also other quality management resources are available at the same site.
Swiss Water Pollution Control Association glossary. Includes terms plus explanations. (German, French)
Pollution Engineering. Searchable journal. (English)
English-German glossary of geological terms for thermal energy applications. Small but useful, includes explanations. (German/English).
Contaminated Sites Glossary from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. Includes explanations in each language. (German, French, Italian, English)
Russian colorimetry glossary: extensive definitions and some English equivalents for terms.
Wonderfully detailed downloadable pdf on color. (English)
Textile dictionary. Very detailed explanations. (English)
Matthew Schlecht reports these English>Japanese and English>Chinese Electrical Engineering glossaries. He says: "The EN>ZH has different pages for each Latin letter plus "others", but the EN>JA is all on one page. The EN>JA page claims 30460 entries, the EN>ZH collectively seem to have about 20% more."
Air Traffic Control glossary (Russian-English).
Free access to preprints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics.
Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams. Free online access to this journal. (English)
European Physical Journal C-Particles and Fields: Free online access to experimental papers in this journal. Other parts of EP Journal (A, B, D, E, ST, AP) can also include "open access" (free...) articles at the request of the authors. Keep checking - they are trying to move to all open access.
HyperStat Online Statistics Texbook. Nice glossary and other explanations. (English)
Atmospheric research glossary. (English)
Photonics Dictionary. Heard of "Word of the Day"? As you search this dictionary, a "Term of the Moment" pops up ... E-mail address included for queries about photonics terms not in the dictionary. Other resources available at the site, some require free registration. (English)
OpenCourseware: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) course materials are available for free to anybody, "spanning MIT's entire curriculum": Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Health Sciences and Technology, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Management, Science, etc. (English)
Michael Röhrig suggests this Engineering & technology catalogue in 16 languages from Hansa-Flex. Includes line engineering, hose, mounting, sealing, measuring, compressed air, and water technologies; maintenance and accessories.
Nuclear reactor glossary (for the Hanford site).
Russian-English astronomical dictionary (also good for optics). Also nice site in general for Russian astronomy.
Nice English glossary of optics terms, from Edmund Optics.
Carolyn Perkes found this site: "Beautiful maps (can be magnified and downloaded), mainly of the British Isles, especially London (16th, 18th and 19th centuries, one of which is hand-coloured on silk), and Australia, but other maps will be made available in future (e.g.. a map of Europe, 1772 and Paris, 1854. Free."
Margaret Schroeder says you can look up a country or a place here and get a map of it.
Michelle Asselin notes that this useful site covers considerable ground in clear English. She gave as examples: "How gears work, How holograms work, How sound cards work..." I also found an article on "How Quicksand Works", complete with instructions on how to get out of quicksand if you fall in, which I thought was important to commit to memory just in case. (Executive Summary: Hollywood and the cartoonists got it wrong. Don't panic and you'll be able to float very slowly on your back to firmer ground.)
Everything You Always Wanted to Know... about the chemical elements. Nice site just for casual browsing, also, for those of us who are as fascinated by stories about elements and chemical compounds as others are by stories about human celebrities. (English)
Automobile glass glossary. (English)
English-Russian glossary of automotive terms an abbreviations.
Glossary of Meteorology. (English)
Glauco Pavarani offers these sites for automotive terms. The first is from the International Council on Combustion Engines. The second site is an English-German glossary.
François Lavallée found this site with color names in French, together with their RBG (red-blue-green)/RVB (rouge-vert-bleu) codes and of course patches showing the actual colors.
Sonia Murray found this resource for textiles and fashion for both men and women.
Electrochemistry dictionary. (English)
Russian-English glossary of metallurgy terms. Russian explanations of terms with both Russian and English equivalents.
Glossary of Solar Radiation Resource Terms, with links to related glossaries. (English)
Glossary of Radiological Terms from the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Note that the CDC site also has some material in Spanish, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
Extrusion glossary. (English, with plans to extend to other languages.)
Michael Osmann found this German-English Fire Investigators Dictionary/Wörterbuch für den Brandursachenermittler useful. Definitions in both English and German.
Paul Gallagher points out this Russian telecom glossary (explanations in Russian).
Marie Gouin says about this French environmental encyclopedic dictionary: "This looks really valuable for anyone working in this area: Dictionnaire Encyclopédique Environnement. Toutes les définitions de l'environnement et du développement durable. Includes Dictionnaire encylopédique, Dictionnaire anglais/français - français/anglais, Guides techniques, etc."
Fiber Optics glossary. (English)
Very detailed text on micromechanical machining and precision engineering. (English)
Nice medical statistics glossary. (English)
Detailed paint and coating glossary. (English)
Christian-Martin Diebold found this astronomy dictionary. (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
Glossary for Pilots and Air Traffic Services Personnel
Glossaire à l'intention des pilotes et du personnel des services de la circulation aérienne
Michelle Asselin found this Transport Canada site. Look for links on each page to switch between French and English
Interactive Guide to Strain Gage Technology: Glossary. (English)
Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology. (English)
Abrasives glossary. Very detailed explanations and links to manufacturers. (English)
Color glossary, German-English.
Downloadable (pdf) dictionary of footwear terms. (Spanish-English)
Blasting (explosives) glossary. (English)
Mining glossary. (English)
Michelle Asselin found this interesting Canadian resource. CRTC = Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission/Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes. The first link is the French version, the second link is the English version.
French>English telecommunications glossary.
Astrophysical Gas Dynamics (detailed lecture notes).
Alan Johnson "stumbled across this illustrated earthquake glossary" at the USGS (United States Geological Survey) site.
Matthew Schlecht found this Glossary of Coined Names & Terms Used in Science by Dr. John Andraos, York University (Toronto).
Tanya Bomback provides this list of links to automotive glossaries, some English-only and others French-English.
Here's another automotive glossary (all French) found by Jacques Clau.
Paul Gallagher found this downloadable technical German-English dictionary from Degussa Construction Chemicals: "Two-column table, 971 pages in 2.3 MB, no intro or other explanation. 52 entries per page..."
Yves Lanthier suggests this site for plumbing terminology. Also click on the "great quotes" link at the bottom for some distraction.
Telecom glossary (English).
Paul Gallagher found this downloadable, searchable Glossary of Oilfield Production Terminology from the American Petroleum Institute (API).
Delyth Yabar found this English, German, French, Spanish, Italian fabric glossary.
Injection molding glossary (in English).
Nice pictures and explanations of typical defects in injection-molded parts, mechanical testing of plastic parts, and painting defects.
Good online magnetics technology glossaries, also downloadable as pdf files: "a comprehensive list of terms and definitions used in the engineering and manufacturing of permanent magnets, precision rolled strip and foil products as well as solenoids."
Glossary for magnets and magnetic materials.
Sheet Metal Forming and Stamping Glossary, covering bending, flanging, hemming, deep drawing, stamping.
ISA (Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society) Comprehensive Dictionary of M&C (measurement & control).
English>Irish technical glossary.
Metal forming glossary (in English).
Alexandra Scott found this interesting site that "translates 20 ISO Standards into plain English."
Michelle Asselin suggests this resource (French and English) from the Canadian Hydrographic Service on tides, currents, and water levels.
Michael Roehrig suggests this pair of Bioenergy German and English glossaries. Michael says the English version has fewer entries, however.
Michael Osmann says this Railway dictionary Turkish/English/French/German is "a little gem."
Glossary for Filter Users (English).
Maurice Tszorf found this Mobile/Cellular glossary (in English). Very detailed.
Michael Burns found this very nice site with "Bicycle parts well illustrated along with a fair number of associated items." Names of parts given in Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English.
Alan Johnson suggests the Portal for Soil and Water Management in Europe. "The section that will interest most of you most is the glossary. It can be accessed from the main page and offers translation of terms into Danish, French, German, Hungarian and Italian..."
Alan Johnson recommends this site that "has a wealth of information on a variety of environmental issues. Most of it is available in German, Spanish and French, besides English. A lot of the studies can be downloaded..."
Nice glossary of geology terms.
Many pages of detailed information and drawings on arc welding.
Suzanne Bernard found this Fr<>En Lexique Ferroviaire/Railway Lexicon.
Insulation glossary (French, German, Spanish, English).
David Henderson recommends this site: "GEsource is a free information resource for Geography and the Environment... includes a core database of high-quality Internet resources catalogued by subject specialists across a number of disciplines - the environment, general geography, human geography, physical geography and techniques and approaches... Map-loving procrastinators will enjoy the World Guide."
Michael Molin found this online collection of world maps.
Henry Whyte suggests this "list of logistics acronyms." The site says that logistics "is the science (and art) of ensuring that the right products reach the right place in the right quantity at the right time to satisfy customer demand...The marketing discipline encompasses warehousing, transport & distribution and IT solutions. It also includes international supply chain management and added-value/pre-retailing services."
Kerry Swatridge found this useful En/Fr Thesaurus of Construction Science and Technology.
Michael Molin suggests these two sites for mathematical terminology. The Interactive Mathematics Dictionary (middle school level) and Maths Thesaurus (University of Cambridge project). The latter intends to eventually add other European languages.
Dieter Waeltermann found this site for the IAEA Safety Glossary (also has pdf and zip versions for download).
Statistical terms useful in epidemiology and clinical trials defined in Spanish with English equivalents.
Good tutorials/papers on some industrial processes
Nice Italian-English building/mechanics glossary.
Railroad information, plus good glossary.
Nice technical dictionary, French-English. Also downloadable as pdf.

Suzanne Bernard provides the big list below on quality management and ISO glossaries:
ISO Terminology/Total Quality Management.
Glossary of Quality Terms.
Glossary of key ISO 9000 terms
250+ common Quality Management acronyms and terms. Including ISO 9000:2000 definitions (highlighted), all crosslinked.
Quality Glossary
Total Quality Management ISO 9000 Web Resources (Ronald D. Pollock).
Marie Gouin reports this source for downloadable pdf bilingual glossaries on Dangerous Goods. French to English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Creole, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Chinese.
Suzanne Bernard found this CCRS Remote Sensing Glossary (English/French).
François Liger found this civil engineering glossary (in French).
Suzanne Bernard found this "glossary of terms related to hardwood mouldings."
Corrosion dictionary (English).
Very detailed on mechanical joining processes.
Applied Geology Dictionary, French-German-English-Spanish version and German-English-Spanish-French version. Also useful for chemistry.
Dominik Kreuzer pointed out this "site of a manufacturer of wire and cable making machines in German, English, French and Spanish."
French-English technical glossary.
Cell-mediated immunity glossary.
Nina Sattler-Hovdar found this useful explanatory steel glossary (in German).

Michelle Asselin found this environmental glossary from the Canadian government: "The glossaries are in alphabetical order in their respective language, but the equivalent is given beside each entry."
David Vaughn found this site for automotive terminology English/French: "Car and Drive Automotive Glossary/Glossaire automobile du magazine Car and Drive" kindly translated into French by Christian Vandersmissen from a US car magazine.
Paul Gallagher says: "Everything you ever wanted to know about how fibers and textiles are made. Includes appendices with units of measure, conversion factors, calculations, etc."
Shannon Armstrong found this useful English Lake and Water Word Glossary.
Michelle Asselin found this French aeronautics glossary (including many acronyms): "glossaire du Centre national d'études spatiales".
French explanatory combustion dictionary, quite detailed, includes considerable fluid mechanics.
Soil classification terms French, Spanish, English.
Amanda Grey recommends this "very complete glossary by Schlumberger on oilfields". From the site: "The Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary provides definitions and illustrations of oilfield terminology for the technical generalist .... Geology, Geophysics, Drilling and Drilling Fluids definitions."
Michael Molin found eFunda, "The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers".
Michael Molin points out this Wiley InterScience Acronym Finder.
Petroleum glossary (in Spanish, with English equivalents for terms).
Michelle Asselin found these English and French weather glossaries.
Sonia Murray suggests this English textile glossary. Follow the "Information Center" link.
Eugene Lepa suggests this " site with links to glossaries on road, rail, marine, and air transport, some in several languages."
Werner Richter found this "wonderful collection [of electrician's slang] that might be useful, more for (recent) historical texts than for actual commercial usage, but some terms have quite a 'current' feel to them." More power to you, Werner!
Michael Roehrig says this very extensive glossary on diving and submarine activities "includes marine biology, chemistry, physics, geology, diving equipment, etc. In Spanish, English, French, Dutch, Italian and German."
English and Estonian glossary on graph theory.
French and English glossaries for graph theory.
Here you can search the Journal of the American Ceramic Society and view the abstracts. Nonsubscribers can also purchase individual articles online.
German-English glossaries for water applications.
Pottery glossary, English/French/German.
Diane Di Biasio found this nautical terms glossary in French, English, Spanish, German, Turkish.
Specialized glossaries in English for biotech, chemistry, acoustics, electronics, geology, etc.
François Lavallée found this Spanish-English Glossary of Firearms Terminology.
Casting and molding glossary. Large, good explanations.

Enzyklopädie der Europäischen Binnenschifffahrt. French-English-German glossary with explanations. Supposedly for inland navigation, but I found it when looking for information on German machining terminology .... "The dictionary now comprises about 6.000 words related to navigation, shipbuilding, waterway engineering, transport etc."
OSHA [US Occupational Safety and Health Administration] technical manual -- detailed info on processes in many areas, for instance petroleum refining, as well as the relevant safety issues.
Foundary glossary (English).
German-English construction glossary.

German-English technical dictionary.
Scott Sadowsky claims he was looking for information about a band when he found this English-Slovak Dictionary of Energy Modeling and Simulation
Carola Urquhart's eclectic collection of German-English glossaries on various technical and not-so-technical subjects. I stumbled into the technical ones while working, but you also can find out how to insult people in Bavaria and Vienna....
Very interesting German online encyclopedia (an ongoing effort), currently for geology, mining, and the metal industry.
Paul Frank found this German-English watch dictionary.
Turbine engineer's German-English dictionary.
Papermaking Dictionary (English/German/Finish/French).
For good detail on welding processes.
Michael Molin found this online version of the ISA's dictionary for measurement, control and instrumentation terms, acronyms and more. (From the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society).
Denzel Dyer has put some very nice glossaries for technical translators on his web site: Abbreviations (English); Firearms Glossary (German/English); Guns and Ammunition, Special Terminology (English); Microbiology Glossary (German/English); Optical Microscopy Glossary (German, French, Spanish and English).
Michela Ghislieri suggests this Portuguese-English glossary of mechanical terminology. Other company information links may also be useful.
Glossary for the trenchless industry (microtunneling, auger boring, pipe laying,.etc.).
ODP [Ocean Drilling Program] logging manual. Loads of resources - info, pictures, glossary.
Well drilling glossary.
"Definitions of terms frequently used in trenchless technology, boring, drilling, tunneling, and pipe ramming."
Helpful and detailed explanations of basic machines (levers, block and tackle, wedge, gears, linkages, etc.), with pictures and drawings.
Glossary all about nuts! Not the eating kind -- for machines.
German-English Dictionary of Railway Technology
FHTE On-line Dictionary (German-English, technical)
If you need to check out some details about Maxwell's equations but can't get past the sleeping cats and clutter to reach the bookshelf easily (true story) -- you may find this downloadable advanced electromagnetic theory book useful.
Anne Brandsma-Gayón found this "good dictionary of aviation terms", English-to-or-from-French.
Sue Horn found Jane's Defence Glossary here, "over 20,000 defence-related acronyms and abbreviations".
Michael Roehrig suggests this German clock/watch glossary.
Michelle Asselin contributes this water terminology glossary "on the site of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California".
Free e-mail newsletter: Trends in Nanotechnology. More information and a sample issue at this url.
Joel Vogler from SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute/Measurement Technology points out these useful pages on their site.
The American Scientific Glassblowers Society site.
"The MicroPower Direct glossary of terms contains over four hundred definitions of terms related to power conversion."
Photonics Dictionary.
Lawrence Koch found this heating, ventilation and air conditioning glossary.
Michelle Asselin found this site for a dictionary of automotive terms.
Charlie Gobbett points out this useful collection (in English) of "safety precaution phrases used in the classification, packaging, labeling and provision of information on dangerous substances".
Endre Enyedy points out this Glossary of Color Science.
Michael Roehrig recommends this German glossary, Das Lexikon der Farbstoffe und Pigmente.
Carol Shaw shares this Spanish-English Aviation glossary.
Paul Gallagher suggests this aviation glossary: "Includes abbreviations, explanations of V speeds, phonetic alphabet."
Glossary of terms used in atomic absorption spectroscopy.
Elliott Urdang found a splendid Ballistic Missile Defense Glossary (Adobe Acrobat Reader format) on this page.
Elliott Urdang found The Source Book on Soviet-Designed Nuclear Power Plants as an Adobe Acrobat Reader file. "You can download all or part."
Statistics:The Study of Stability in Variation by Jan de Leeuw.
Statistics Glossary with hyperlinks.
Helen Chihoski Casas suggests this Glossary of audio-related terms.
Michael Roehrig points out this useful German-English ceramics glossary.
Railway Technical Web Pages for those interested in the technology, planning, maintenance and operation of railways. Lots of links.
Vibration Glossary.
Train Braking Glossary (UK), with links to others. Take a, break and take a look.
Air Brake Glossary.
Since we're on a railway track, Michael Molin provides this huge list of railway glossaries from his personal collection:
Railway Industry On-line Dictionary. Searchable.
"Railways in general and the UK in particular, with its rich and varied railway history, contains many confusing terms, names and abbreviations, this glossary will hopefully clarify some of them for you. The glossary currently has 967 entries."
Railway Glossary. Part of the of the Scottish Railways and Steamers site, presenting "a history of Scotland's railways 1800s to the present".
Railroad Dictionary.
- Glossary of Modern Railway Terminology.
Railroad Glossary, Terms and Definitions.
Short glossary from the Rail Motor Society.
446 Railroad Definitions.
Railway Glossary.
Union Pacific Railroad site: Railroad Terms Glossary.
Train Glossary.
British railway passenger safety glossary.
Deborah Powell suggests this online Illustrated Glossary of Geological Terms.
Leo Lauria points out this amazing list of links to technical glossaries.

If you must have only one link, here it is:
This is the World Wide Web Virtual Library, with links to whole pages of more links in various areas of science.
This is a dandy collection of newsy items from all areas of science and medicine. You can subscribe to the announcements and get daily lists of new offerings with short descriptions. You do need to check out anything of interest fast, I don’t think they keep things on the site for very long. But it also contains lists of relevant UseNet groups and also links to journals.
The Why Files archives. “The Science Behind the News - articles about scientific subjects.”—Susan Rials

The following sites are all shamelessly stolen from WebToday Destinations (a daily newsletter, see for subscription info):
Scientific American online. Includes weekly updates.
Nature (the weekly science journal). has an impressive Web site. Frequent updates. Also an archive of published articles going back to 1995.
The second link is directly to Sky & Telescope, an invaluable astronomy magazine. The first link is to Sky Publishing’s home page, which has a lot more astronomy-related information.
Popular Mechanics, good for practical subjects and also newsy items about technology. WebToday warns that its images can be slow-loading, so you might turn your automatic image loading off. They ain’t kidding.
Nice hypertext on special and general relativity. Useful explanations of basic terms.
Detailed description of many types of valves.
Nice hypertext on Radiation Hardening of Electronics (all you astronauts, take note!).
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Glass, essentially.
Here is quite a find if you do work on phase transformations in steels: an extensive review paper on the Web (complete with good photos) called The Bainite Reaction by H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia. The site includes British English, Spanish, and French versions. I can’t judge the Spanish and French properly, but the English version is excellent. The translators’ names are included. By the way, I found the use of Web Buddy (see very valuable for this site; this is an example of software which allows you to save a web page or web site to disk (specifying how many levels deep you want to go in the links), including all the images. You can then either open up the pages offline in your browser or convert them to your word processor format for easy reference and also searching for terms.
The Internet Glossary of Pumps was a useful find for me. It’s taken from ALL ABOUT PUMPS by Russell D. Hoffman. It includes drawings and quite a bit of detail about the different types of pumps. The cdrom version also has animation, so you can see the pumps in action, but the web version isn’t there yet.
Alison Penfold mentioned this site on FLEFO. It provides information on DIN standards in both German and English.
Fiberglass Troubleshooting. Good definitions of various types of flaws and their origin, might be useful for any kind of glass work also. Includes pictures.
Department of Energy (DOE) Radiological Control Manual online.
Ductile Iron Society home page. Some of the links to information are still under construction at the moment, but check out the Applications area of the Technology Library and the DUCTILE IRON DATA for Design Engineers link for good details on various treatments.
If you ever need to figure out what to call what in expanded metal (metal sheet with slits stretched out in a diamond pattern), check out these sites. Good detailed definitions and lots of well labeled diagrams. Click on the tumbling grate to get into Exmet! The Weather Supersite.“If it’s about meteorology, weather or the climate you’ll find a link to it here.”—CH/WebToday

All the following sites have weekly e-mail newsletters also:
Test and Measurement Online:“for engineers and manufacturers working in the wireless design industry.”
Public Works Online:“for professionals and vendors in the public works industry.”
Solid Waste Online:“for professionals and vendors in the solid waste industry.”
Earthquake! Well, that's not the title but that's the idea. Excellent online book on seismic design of buildings.
Bridge-Watching for Beginners by Edmund W. Jupp. A delightful hypertext for all who are stressed and strained and bent out of shape and feeling the need for a truss. The author says: “The aim of this book is to help you to enjoy looking at bridges, by explaining in simple language some features of their design and construction. Although the technical aspects will be treated gently, and the mathematical content will be such as not to frighten the non-mathematician, maybe the serious student, too, will find something of interest here... I do hope it will help you to enjoy bridges, wherever you see them. They are such nice comfortable things to watch, especially when you know something about them.”
British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines maintains this searchable site.
Process Pumps and Filtration web site.
One-stop shopping for engineering standards worldwide. Some available for electronic download also. Even just the titles might be helpful. Searchable.
An online reference library useful for equipment maintenance, suggested by Clarice Ferreira.
The first link can sort the minerals in various ways (alphabetical, color, etc.) and is supplemented by the second link, the Extended Minerals List.“This page contains almost all known names given to minerals.” Well, not really (yet). But it’s nice. The names are linked to other hypertext linked to the glossary. Minerals Net has other useful things, also (links at bottom of the list).
Minerals Under the Microscope hypertext.
“For the purposes of this demo, you will be able to search and download (at no cost to you) 8 pre-selected ASTM standards.” The online store lets you purchase individual standards. Other good info on this site also.
Konstantin Lakshin passed on information about this site for the Engineering and Mining Journal. Has short versions of articles, news items, links to good industry sites, and an online form for getting a free subscription if you qualify. Of course, they will gladly SELL you a subscription if you don’t...

See Eric's Treasure Troves of Science in the General section.
Radiation Manual Glossary. Basic, but helpful.
Brookhaven National Laboratory: Radiological Worker 1 Study Guide. Very thorough, lots of good detail.
The Particle Adventure “introduces the theory of fundamental particles and forces, called the Standard Model. It explores the experimental evidence and the reasons physicists want to go beyond this theory. In addition, it provides information on particle decay and a brief history section.” English, French, Polish, and Spanish hypertext.
Elementary Particle glossary, taken mainly from The Particle Adventure.
McNally of the McNally Institute certainly isn't humble: he proclaims his site is “The only Centrifugal Pump & Mechanical Seal URL you will ever need”. There really is a lot of very nice practical detail here, along with good links to other useful sites.
Very nice brief descriptions of mechanical testing and analytical equipment used in NASA's Materials Engineering Branch. Helpful source of basic terminology and procedures.
Tom Whittaker points out this source of aviation information, including a glossary of terms and links to FAA documents and more.
All about leak testing, courtesy American Gas & Chemical.
Transportation Systems Design has loads of links and info about railroads.
Per Dohler and Harald Rebling both pointed out this Deutsche Bahn railroad info site.
David Wilson suggests this "German-English railroad lexicon on Compuserve by Martin Adler."
All about wool and wool yarn making, including a glossary.
Radio and plasma wave tutorials.
Good notes on mechanics of solids, including elasticity and plasticity theory, finite element analysis.