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Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian

by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Alastair McEwen suggests their Italian-English dictionary, and says "It's an updated version of a very good dictionary that first came out in the Seventies."
Alastair McEwen says that this Italian-English dictionary is "reasonably useful." This is the Collins online.
Andrea Piu reminds us that WordReference has a good online Italian-English dictionary. I find their Spanish and Portuguese dictionaries also useful. The forums are often helpful.
Marie-Louise Desfray suggests the above links for some useful Italian-English translation ideas (to be taken with the usual amounts of salt). TAUS Data calls itself a "super cloud for the global translation industry". Keybot says it is a "translation search machine". MyMemory claims to be "the world's largest Translation Memory. It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union, United Nations and aligning the best domain specific multilingual websites." (multilingual)
Jimena Bargados says this Italian-English translation collection is "quite good." The Glosbe Multilingual On-Line Dictionary site says it provides "free dictionaries for almost every existing language" and translation memory with over a billion sentences included. (multilingual)
Yves Lanthier suggests this bilingual concordance for translation ideas. (English, French, Spanish)ão
Nice basic online Portuguese-English dictionary. You can leave out the diacritical marks and as you type, it will provide options for the words. Also links to forums.
The free Canadian term database Termium, which has included Spanish terms as well as English-French for quite a while, now "claims it has 18,000 Portuguese terms as well," according to Steven DeWitt.
(From Marie-Louise Desfray) The United Nations General Assembly Resolutions: A Six-Language Parallel Corpus. "A paragraph-aligned six-language collection of resolutions of the General Assembly from Volume I of GA regular sessions 55-62." Downloadable. (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish)
Kirill Sereda found this site for definitions of words in Spanish.
Linguee, a very helpful searchable collection of source/target words and phrases in the context of full sentences (see Oct 2009 issue under German), is expanding beyond German/English. Michelle Asselin gave us this general link to English/German, English/Spanish, English/French, and English/Portuguese versions. The site bills itself as "The web as a dictionary--Search millions of sentences translated by other people." I've found it very useful in my own work, although "Caveat lector"--good for ideas, but don't assume consistent quality from the "other people."
The Canadian government's French-English-Spanish database is now open to everybody for free! Choose your interface language, then select Launch Termium Plus on left-hand sidebar.
Mijnwoordenboek is a free translation dictionary where you can translate words to and from English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch. In addition to the translations you can also conjugate verbs, check your spelling, find synonyms and find rhyme words.

Some Spanish-language online radio stations with a lot of talk:
From Martin Douch, this station is in Spain.
Hector Calabia suggests these links for Radio Nacional de España.
Hector Calabia also suggested this Uruguayan rebroadcast of a Buenos Aires program.
Good details on grammatical/vocabulary niceties of Spanish.

Mirella Soffio suggests the following three Italian/English/French dictionaries online:
English>Italian and Italian>English.
Italian only.
Nice Spanish-English legal glossary.
Michael Roehrig suggests this insurance glossary (German, English, French, Italian) with terms and explanations that "can be cross-combined among the four languages."
Multilingual dictionaries, very useful. Search is fast and smooth. Spanish><English, Italian><English, French><English, German><English, plus has the Collins English dictionary. Also has instructions for installing in Netscape or Internet Explorer to look up words on web pages if you're afflicted with Windows.

“A super source to get news from Spain.”
“An incredible Spanish language internet search engine filled with surprises.”

La Jornada
“A wonderful Mexican daily."
José Pérez mentioned this on FLEFO: “CNN launched a Spanish-language news web site... People interested in Latin America might especially want to take a look, since it features much more news and information from Latin America than is usually available at most news sites.”

Valentim Santos recommends this site for Portuguese.

Chiara Faglia recommends this Italian search engine.