Volume 3, No. 3 
July 1999



Translation Journal

Two Years of TJ

by Gabe Bokor

This issue is appearing on the second anniversary of the Translation Journal. Two years of regular, on-schedule publishing is a respectable accomplishment for any non-profit, volunteer-based publication, especially in the ephemeral world of on-line "e-zines." But, during these two years, the Translation Journal has achieved more than just staying on-line. It has developed into a unique, prestigious, international medium for translators with readers from all four corners of the world. In two years it has been accessed by 40,000 readers. Links to the Translation Journal can be found at Web sites of countless translators and translators' organizations, but also of German and Japanese universities and even of one Nepalese non-profit group. Contributors to the Translation Journal live in fifteen different countries on four continents. The articles for this issue alone were received from eight countries!
    This issue is by far the largest one in the Translation Journal's two-year history. If it were published in the traditional paper format, it would resemble a book, rather than a magazine. Yet the unique resources of the Web allow easy navigation from one article to the other, as well as among all the issues published so far. Using the Search box on the front page, you can find an article by any single word occurring in it (Netscape or Microsoft IE browsers version 4.0 or higher required). The Index allows you to browse previous issues by subject matter.
    As this issue was being prepared, the style sheet, which governs the style of the past three issues, was changed to the easier-to-read Arial/Helvetica type face. I hope you'll like this "face" lift.
    Enjoy the Translation Journal, and let us know how we can make it even more interesting and useful in your work.