Volume 3, No. 3 
July 1999





Translation Journal

Letters to the Editor


As a regular reader of the Translation Journal, I find it very disturbing that a contributor is allowed to write things like :

"The years following 1915, the year of the genocide of Armenians over the entire territory of Turkey (historical Armenia), marked a disastrous period for Armenian culture as a whole. Innocent, unarmed people were deported from their age-old native land and our cultural centers-monasteries and churches, schools and libraries-were consigned to flames." I fail to see any connection to language and translation. I am not sure that emotional outbursts of propaganda of this variety are beneficial to the advancement of our profession. With all due respect, I suggest that TJ distance itself from the opinions and ideas expressed in this particular article.

Kadir Suleymanoglu, Istambul, Turkey