No. 2, Volume 1 
 October 1997 

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Jul 97 Issue
From the Editor/Webmaster
You Asked for It
by Gabe Bokor
Translator Profiles
Take care of the sense...
by Paul Danaher
In Memoriam: Dr. Deanna L. Hammond
by Jane M. Zorrilla
Legal Translation Workshop
Teaching German-English Legal Translation
by Margaret Marks
Dictator v. Dictator
First Impressions of ViaVoice from IBM
by Roger Fletcher
  NaturallySpeaking from Dragon Systems
by William J. Grimes
Science & Technology
A Translator’s Guide to Organic Chemical Nomenclature IX
by Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.
Banking and Finance
The Language of Inflation
by Danilo Nogueira
Translation in the News
The Onionskin
by Chris Durban
Caught in the Web
Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
 Translators’ On-Line Resources
by Gabe Bokor
Translators’ Events
Letters to the Editor
Call for Papers
Translation Journal
Letters to the Editor
Thank you for your publication. As a part-time translator specialising in chemistry, it was gratifying to see Dr Claff’s organic formulae and Dr Flick’s account of how she moved from science to translation. I am half-way down that road myself!
  Regarding the layout, could you make the pagewidths consistent? I could print all the articles except Per’s on software localisation— couldn’t print the full width of the text on the page. A top-down rather than left-right design would solve this problem.

— Matt Gredley, Canberra, Australia

Editor’s Note: The width of a text page depends on the browser and can be adjusted by expanding or reducing the window on your screen. When large graphics (as in the case of Per Dohler’s article) make the page wider than the screen, printing in reduced format (e.g., 80%) will solve the problem.

Congratulations! I really enjoyed it.

— María Carolina Méndez, Caracas, Venezuela

I am running late getting onto the Internet, but I’m happy to say that the Translation Journal makes it all worthwhile! Well done, with an excellent selection of authors.

— Denzel Dyer, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Achei excelente e pretendo voltar frequentemente para ver o que há de novo.

— Danilo Nogueira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You’ve done it again, Gabe. Your new journal is a pleasure to read and move around in—and full of interesting and valuable information. I will make it a mandatory reading assignment for our intro students at the T&I Institute. Thanks for another commendable contribution to the translator community.

— Courtney Searls-Ridge, Seattle, WA, USA

I visited the site today and enjoyed it very much. It’s a great addition to our expanding repertoire of professional resources.

— Germán Pareja, Vancouver, Canada

I am a freelancer writing from Spain. Thank you very much for the journal. Although nothing in life is perfect, the way you have approached the subject, the contents and style tell me that yours will be a great journal.
  I hope we all can maintain this publication on top! Thanks again for your hard work.

— José Montero, Sevilla, Spain

The magazine is very useful and well designed. Congrats.

— Luigi Muzii, Rome, Italy

Let us know what you think of this Journal. How can it be improved? What topics would you like to see discussed? Help us make this publication better and more useful to the translator community and those who use our services.

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