Volume 6, No. 2 
April 2002






Second Reader Survey

Index 1997-2002

  Translator Profiles
Reading Orwell
by Verónica Albín

  The Profession
The Bottom Line
by Fire Ant & Worker Bee
Heading for Trouble
by Danilo Nogueira
Translator Education
Teaching Proposal Writing to Translators
by Dr. Tibor Koltay  
Developing Guidelines for a New Curriculum for the English Translation BA Program in Iranian Universities
by Leila Razmjou

  Machine Translation
Useful Machine Translations of Japanese Patents Have Become a Reality
by Steve Vlasta Vitek

The Role of Communication in Peace and Relief Mission Negotiations
by Victoria Edwards

  Legal Translation
Alcune riflessioni sulle problematiche traduttive dei termini politico-istituzionali nella Costituzione italiana e spagnola
by Patrizia Brugnoli

  Book Reviews
Hyperformality, Politeness Markers and Vulgarity
by Zsuzsanna Ardó

  Translators Around the World
Un estudio del mercado español de la traducción en la internet
by Cristina Navas and Rocío Palomares, Ph.D.

Allegory in Arabic Expressions of Speech and Silence
by Hasan Ghazala, Ph.D.

  Science & Technology
A Translator’s Guide to Organic Chemical Nomenclature XXVII
by Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.

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Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Translators’ On-Line Resources
by Gabe Bokor

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Translators’ Job Market

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Translators' Job Market


Translators’ Job Market

Prominent, Downtown Manhattan Intellectual Property Law Firm Seeks a German into English Technical Translator

Job Description

Translate (German-English) patent applications and related documents, primarily in the field of electrical and automotive engineering, but also including electronics, telecommunications, computers, chemistry, textile engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics, and medicine, as well as other technical and legal material.

You will be joining a dynamic, in-house team of translators who work with a well-established terminology database and translation memory. Future telecommuting arrangements are also possible.


College degree (BA) (preferably in liberal arts, journalism, German, English and/or science)

At least one of the following:

  • Masters degree (MA) in translation
  • Accreditation (G-E) by the American Translators Association or Certified (G-E) Translator (from another institution or country)
  • Engineering or science degree
  • 5 - 10 years technical translation experience

Language and writing skills:

  • Excellent and in-depth knowledge of technical German.
  • English native or near-native speaker with a flair for concise technical writing in English.
  • Other languages, such as French in particular, desired, but not required.

Computer skills (desired; training will be provided where necessary):

  • MS Word
  • Trados Multiterm and Workbench
  • Voice recognition (Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred)
  • Internet research

e-mail resume to:

or fax to:
(212) 425-5288


Potential employers:

Please, contact the Editor to announce job openings in this space.