Volume 14, No. 4 
October 2010

Gabe Bokor

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  Translator Profiles
Chance Favors the Prepared Mind
by Patricia Thickstun
Interview with ATA Board Candidate Ted Wozniak
by Linda Marianiello

  The Profession
The Bottom Line
by Fire Ant & Worker Bee
How to Drive Your Translators Crazy without Really Trying
by Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini

  In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Derry Cook-Radmore
by Nick Rosenthal

  Translation Nuts and Bolts
English Translation of Chinese Dish Names
by Congjun Mu
A Model of Translation Based on Proverbs and Their Metaphors: A Cognitive Descriptive Approach
by Freeda C. Wilson
Un modèle de traduction basé sur les proverbes et leurs métaphores : Une position cognitive descriptive
Freeda C. Wilson

  Science and Technology
Conseils de base pour la gestion de la terminologie industrielle
M.L. Seren-Rosso

  Medical Translations
Comparison of Textual Patterns in German and Portuguese Medical Texts
by Katrin Herget and Teresa Alegre

  Cultural Aspects of Translation
A Study of Euphemisms from the Perspectives of Cultural Translation and Linguistics
by Behnaz Sanaty Pour

  Arts and Entertainment
Tonality in Subtitle Translation
by D. Bannon
English-into-Persian Translation of Colloquial Expressions in Subtitled Films
by Hossein Barzegar

  Translators' Education
Traducción automática y software libre en la formación de traductores
María José Fernández Pintelos

  Book Reviews
Agop Hacikyan's A Summer without Dawn
reviewed by Hasmik Najaryan
Desarrollo de la competencia traductora de Silvia Roiss
Reseñado por Dra María José Varela Salinas
Dictionary of Leisure, Travel and Tourism por Bateman, H., Harris, E. y Mc Adam, K.
Reseñado por Concepción Mira Rueda

  Translators' Tools
Translators’ Emporium

  Caught in the Web
Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Translators’ On-Line Resources
by Gabe Bokor
Translators’ Best Websites
by Gabe Bokor

Call for Papers and Editorial Policies
Translation Journal
Caught in the Web

Translators’ Best Web Sites

About Google's Page Ranking (PR) Index: Google ranks all web pages on a scale from 0 to 10 according to the number of links that lead to that page and the importance of the referring pages. A low PR number does not reflect the quality of the page, but may tell the owner that it needs more marketing effort to make the page more "popular." You can check the PR of your, or any other, web page at http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php, for example. For an explanation of Google's PageRank technology, see http://www.google.com/technology/.

Jaime Aguirre's Site
A bilingual (English & Spanish) site. The home page has more text that most Internet users are willing to read, and it could use shorter and simpler sentences ("Their goals have materialized by positively impacting their respectively engaged Latin American markets, increased revenue margins and morale by implementing new training and safety programs for their employees") and some editing of the English ("non-compromised quality"). In addition to translation services, the site also offers a bilingual dictionary in 8 different formats for different PDAs.
Informational content8
Ease of navigation9
Web technique7
Google Page Ranking4

Doug Robinson's Web Site
A good-looking and informative site of a polyglot writer, teacher, and translator. White (actually discreetly patterned light-gray) spaces are used to maximum effect. Clutter on individual pages is avoided at the cost of several clicks being needed for accessing information.

Informational content8
Ease of navigation10
Web technique8
Google Page Ranking4

Jost Zetzsche's Site
Jost Zetzsche, a well-known expert in computerized tools for the translation industry, does business under the name "International Writers' Group, LLC." His site is a good example of simple, "minimalist" design with key words ("writing," "editing services," "English-to-German translation") leading to more detailes descriptions of those services. The page also has graphic links to Jost's book "The Translator's Tool Box" and his biweekly newsletter "Tool Kit."

Informational content9
Ease of navigation9
Web technique8
Google Page Ranking4