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October 2013

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  Translator Profiles
How I Learned the Alphabet—and a Few Other Things Along the Way
by Kenneth Kronenberg
Jane Maier, Candidate for ATA's Board of Directors
by Marion Rhodes

  The Profession
The Bottom Line
by Fire Ant and Worker Bee
Driving the Bus both Ways
by Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini

  From the Editor
Time to Change the Guard
by Gabe Bokor

  Translation Nuts & Bolts
Translation Workflow
by Paula Gordon

Humor in Conferences
by Luis D. González and Glenda M. Mejias

  Advertising Translation
The challenges of translation of tourist e-text
by Vasyl Stefanyk

Translators Around the World
Remembering Sarajevo
by Midhat Ridjanović

Translators and the Computer
Social Investments
by Jost Zetzsche
  Caught in the Web
Web Surfing for Fun and Profit
by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.
Translators’ On-Line Resources
by Gabe Bokor
Translators’ Best Websites
by Gabe Bokor

  Translators' Tools
Translators’ Emporium

Call for Papers and Editorial Policies
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Table of Contents 1997-2013



What is the Translation Journal?Gabe BokorJuly 1997
You Asked for ItGabe BokorOctober 1997
The Reader’s PageGabe BokorJanuary 1998
Survey ResultsGabe BokorApril 1998
Happy Birthday, TJ!Gabe BokorJuly 1998
A Unique MediumGabe BokorOctober 1998
A Unique Medium—The Flip SideGabe BokorJanuary 1999
What’s New?Gabe BokorApril 1999
Two Years of TJGabe BokorJuly 1999
The Art of CompromiseGabe BokorOctober 1999
Happy 2000!Gabe BokorJanuary 2000
An Amazing Tribe!Gabe BokorApril 2000
Faster, Better, EasierGabe BokorJuly 2000
The World Is Our OysterGabe BokorOctober 2000
TJ in the New MillenniumGabe BokorJanuary 2001
Another MilestoneGabe BokorApril 2001
Thank You!Gabe BokorJuly 2001
Translation and International PoliticsGabe BokorOctober 2001
Happy New Year!  January 2002
Second Reader Survey  April 2002
Reader Survey Results  July 2002
Five Continents  October 2002
Give Credit Where Credit Is Due  January 2003
War and Peace  April 2003
42 Dog Years  July 2003
Theory and Practice  October 2003
A Unique Resource  April 2004
The Seven-Year Itch  July 2004
Thank You!  October 2004
A Few Statistics  January 2005
The First Decade  April 2007
From the Editor  October 2008
The Invisible Articles  April 2009
The Big Five-O (bis)  October 2009
Submissions to the TJ  July 2010
Fifteen Years of Service  October 2011
Time to Change the Guard  October 2013

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Translator Profiles
Saga of a Scientific TranslatorCathy FlickJuly 1997
Take Care of the Sense...Paul DanaherOctober 1997
In Search of Context and PerspectiveJohannes TanJanuary 1998
No RegretsDiane DiBiasioApril 1998
It Needn’t All Be BoringDerry Cook-RadmoreJuly 1998
May Your Neurons Never Tire of Your ChallengesSteve Vlasta VitekOctober 1998
Correct Science + Elegant Wording = Smiling ClientS. Edmund Berger, Dr.Chem.January 1999
A Typical Translator?Cynthia KeesanApril 1999
Overcoming the OddsCharles ("Mike") StacyJuly 1999
In-House and At HomeJudy LangleyOctober 1999
Love, Languages, and TranslationPeter GriffinJanuary 2000
Reflexions on a Translator's LifeSusana GreissApril 2000
A Hard Way to Make MoneyRobin BonthroneJuly 2000
Experience Counts!Eva EieOctober 2000
A Vocation FoundDanilo NogueiraJanuary 2001
The Translator Is a WriterEileen BrockbankApril 2001
The Making of a TranslatorLouis KordaJuly 2001
How to Become a TranslatorIsa Mara LandoOctober 2001
Truth, Love, and Prehistory Nicholas HartmannJanuary 2002
Reading Orwell Verónica AlbinApril 2002
Aerial Trap and the Lao People's RepublicPeter WheelerJuly 2002
Translator, Teacher, Businesswoman, MentorCourtney Searles-Ridge (interviewed by Ann Macfarlane)October 2002
How Not to Become a TranslatorPer N. DohlerJanuary 2003
The Accidental Translator: or How I Came to Enjoy the Task That I Hated To Do the First Time I Did ItShuckran KamalApril 2003
When Bad News is Good News or Serendipity Strikes Again... and Again... and Again...Alexander SchwartzJuly 2003
Overcoming Stage Fright: from Ballet to InterpretationIzumi SuzukiOctober 2003
"Mom, I Wanna Be an Artist"Xosé Castro RoigJanuary 2004
The Dinosaur Hunter's TaleIngrid GillmeierApril 2004
Observations from a Rear-View MirrorTony RoderJuly 2004
Some Northern Light for Young TranslatorsMeeri YuleOctober 2004
A Fitting Trade for a MisfitAlex FehtJanuary 2005
A Lifetime of Learning and TeachingBetty HowellApril 2005
From Tulip Grower to Translator: An Unlikely ProfileRobert CroeseJuly 2005
Translators and Translations: Paintings and Shades in Their FramesRegina Alfarano, Ph.D.October 2005
Love of LanguagesJános SamuJanuary 2006
Straddling the East-West DivideDiane HowardApril 2006
Five Chapters in the Life of a TranslatorEverette JordanJuly 2006
A Career in European TranslationEmma WagnerOctober 2006
Interview with Gabe BokorVerónica AlbinOctober 2006
On Becoming a Court InterpreterAlbert G. BorkJanuary 2007
On Language and Bridges Jessica CohenApril 2007
Entering the Profession through the Back DoorMárcio Badra July 2007
On the Importance of SchmoozingAlexandra Russell-BittingOctober 2007
Doing a Hard Job RightKirk AndersonJanuary 2008
In the Beginning Was the AlphabetJan McLin Clayberg April 2008
On Becoming a Translator Salvador Virgen July 2008
A Life without Sunday Nights Anne Vincent October 2008
On the Name of God, Jim Knopf, Passion, the Mind, and Being a TranslatorJost Zetzsche January 2009
Uniquely Typical or Typically Unique?Holly Mikkelson April 2009
Success Through Lifetime LearningGerardo Konig July 2009
In Less Than Twenty Words!Pimpi Coggins October 2009
Twenty Years of Steady WorkloadAndrei GerasimovJanuary 2010
Gabe Bokor for ATA TreasurerGabe Bokor October 2009
A Professional (and Geographic) Journey Frieda Ruppaner-Lind April 2010
Chance Favors the Prepared Mind Patricia ThickstunOctober 2010
Interview with ATA Board Candidate Ted Wozniak Linda A. MarianielloOctober 2010
Another Accidental TranslatorDenzel DyerJanuary 2011
One Translator's Journey Heidi HolzerApril 2011
The Deliberate TranslatorDan LufkinJuly 2011
My Life in TranslationRina Ne’emanOctober 2011
The Joy of TranslatingPaul W. MerriamJanuary 2012
Planning and PassionHelen EbyApril 2012
Sea Stories, Musings, and Philosophy from a Life in LanguagesJonathan T. Hine, Jr., PhDApril 2012
How I Tripled My Translation Business in One YearIlse WongOctober 2012
Translation Can Be FunJohn C. AllemanJanuary 2013
Have Language, Will TravelRobert Ewing FinneganApril 2013
My Career in Translation and InterpretingBruni JohnsonJuly 2013
How I Learned the Alphabet—and a Few Other Things Along the WayKenneth KronenbergOctober 2013
Jane Maier, Candidate for ATA's Board of DirectorsMarion RhodesOctober 2013

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Facets of Software LocalizationPer N. DohlerJuly 1997
One Translator's Thoughts on Localization Dag ForssellJuly 2001
Demystifying Software Globalization Kenneth A. (Sandy) McKethan, Jr. and Graciela WhiteApril 2005
“Con mala escoba mal se barre”: los problemas de la localización de productos informáticos no internacionalizados Itziar Bernaola, Ana Isabel Morales e Irune PayrosJuly 2006

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Language & Communication
"Heads I win, Tails You Lose": Logical Fallacies and Ethics in Everyday LanguageElena Sgarbossa, M.D.October 2006
Translating Kinship Terms to MalayRadiah Yusoff July 2007
Haiduci Story M. L. Seren-RossoJuly 2007
Words of Greek Origin Aikaterini Spanakaki-Kapetanopoulos April 2011
Translation and Neologisms Forough Sayadi April 2011
The Translation of Neologisms in Special Terminology Dr. Éva Csák July 2011
Mr. *** was not amused! Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini April 2012
Is every bilingual a translator? Dr. Samuel Oladipo KolawoleApril 2012

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Science and Technology
A Translator’s Guide to Organic Chemical Nomenclature, Part 8: Organic Oxygen CompoundsChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.July 1997
Idem, Part 9: Organic Oxygen Compounds (cont.)Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.October 1997
Idem, Part 10: Organic Oxygen Compounds (cont.)Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.January 1998
Idem, Part 11: Organic Oxygen Compounds (cont.)Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.April 1998
Idem, Part 12: Organic Oxygen Compounds (cont.), Organic Sulfur CompoundsChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.July 1998
Idem, Part 13: Organic Sulfur Compounds (cont.), Alicyclic Compounds, Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.October 1998
Idem, Part 14: Alicyclic Compounds (cont.) Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.January 1999
Idem, Part 15: Alicyclic Compounds (cont.), Organic Nitrogen Compounds Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.April 1999
Idem, Part 16: Organic Nitrogen Compounds (cont.), a-Amino Acids, (Poly-)peptides, Proteins Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.July 1999
Idem, Part 17: a-Amino Acids (cont.), Other Compounds of Nitrogen, Aromatic Compounds Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.October 1999
Idem, Part 18: Protein folding, translating French Chemistry, empirical formulas, abbreviationsChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.October 1999
Idem, Part 19: Aromatic Compounds, Heterocyclic CompoundsChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.January 2000
Idem, Part 20: Heterocyclic Compounds Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.July 2000
Idem, Part 21:German Chemical PatentChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.October 2000
Idem, Part 22: Chemicals in the Living Body, TerpenesChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.January 2001
Idem, Part 23: Nanotechnology (Fullerenes)Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.April 2001
Idem, Part 24: Nanotechnology (Nanotubes)Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.July 2001
Idem, Part 25: The Organic Chemistry of SiliconChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.October 2001
Idem, Part 26: Non-Covalent Bonds, Metal ComplexesChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.January 2002
Idem, Part 27: Crown Ethers, Calixcrowns, and calixarenes Chester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.April 2002
Idem, Part 28:—A Fond FarewellChester E. Claff, Jr., Ph.D.July 2002
Building BridgesAlex GreenlandJanuary 1998
Finding a Handle on PhysicsBen TeagueApril 1998
Diesel Engines: A Brief OverviewCharles HeidenbergApril 1998
A Journey into Chinese-English Environmental Translation Shannon ScottJanuary 2004
English ⇔ Spanish Maritime Glossary Ana Lopez Pampin & Iria Gonzalez Liaño April 2004
Nuclear Technology—a Translation Testing Ground M.L. Seren-Rosso January 2006
Linguistic Problems with Translation of Japanese Patents to English Steve Vlasta Vitek April 2006
Aspectos textuales de la patenteM.ª Blanca Mayor Serrano, Ph.D., Natividad Gallardo San Salvador, Ph.D., Josefa Gómez de Enterría Sánchez, Ph.D.April 2008
Mini-Guide to Translating French Documents
for English-Speaking Markets (with general tips for other language pairs and writers of EFL)
M.L. Seren-Rosso July 2008
Recursos en línea relacionados con el ámbito marítimo y naval M.ª Blanca Mayor Serrano, Ph.D.January 2009
Detección de problemas en traducción cientifica Olga Torres-Hostench April 2009
Translating a Patent: Translator's Templates Kriemhild (Karen) Zerling October 2009
Translating a Patent: Translator's Templates Kriemhild (Karen) Zerling January 2010
Glossary of Aeronautical Terms Concepción Mira Rueda July 2010
Specialization in Translation—myths and realities Charles Martin April 2011
Conseils de base pour la gestion de la terminologie industrielle M.L. Seren-Rosso October 2010
Translators and Math: The case of approximators Brian MossopJuly 2012
A Glossary of Olive Oil Taste Testing (Spanish-English And English-Spanish) Soledad Sta. MaríaApril 2013

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Translation Nuts & Bolts
What's in a Name: Juliet's Question RevisitedVerónica AlbinOctober 2003
Does Juliet's Rose, by Any Other Name, Smell as Sweet?Verónica AlbinJanuary 2004
Navigating through Treacherous Waters: The Translation of Geographical Names Gilberto Castañeda-Hernández, Ph.D.April 2004
Topónimos y gentilicios en español de los estados de Estados Unidos y de sus capitalesAlberto Gómez Font y Verónica AlbinOctober 2004
Grammatical Conversion in English: Some new trends in lexical evolution Ana I. Hernández Bartolomé and Gustavo Mendiluce Cabrera January 2005
Translating Pronouns and Proper Names: Indonesian versus English Izak Morin January 2006
Equivalence in Translation Lotfollah Karimi, M.A.January 2006
Translation of Vietnamese Terms of Address and ReferenceThanh NgoOctober 2006
Dealing with Abbreviations In TranslationAdetola Bankole October 2006
Translation of Proper Names in Non-fiction Texts Heikki SärkkäJanuary 2007
Gender and LanguageGabe BokorApril 2007
Romance Gender Benders: Gender of Nouns in the Romance languagesCarl StollOctober 2007
Übersetzung elliptischer Strukturen aus dem Französischen und PortugiesischenKatrin Herget, Holger ProschwitzJanuary 2008
Übersetzung deutscher Nominalkomposita aus der Fachsprache der Technik und Analyse typischer portugiesischer Entsprechungen Katrin Herget, Holger ProschwitzJuly 2008
Proper Names and TranslationSamira Mizani July 2008
O papel das técnicas de tradução no ensino da Tradução Especializada—o caso dos textos turísticos no par de línguas português-alemãoKatrin Herget, Teresa AlegreJuly 2008
Der portugiesische persönliche Infinitiv und seine Übersetzungsmöglichkeiten Katrin Herget, Holger ProschwitzJanuary 2009
Twelve Ways to Enhance Translation Quality Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini January 2009
English Phrasal Verbs in Bilingual English-Arabic Dictionaries Dr. Ali Yunis AldaheshJanuary 2009
What's Cooking: Translating Food Brett Jocelyn Epstein July 2009
How To Translate Personal Names Behnaz Sanaty Pour October 2009
English and Spanish 'Love' Collocations: A Historical Evolution Nuria Calvo Cortés and Elena Domínguez Romero April 2010
A Model of Translation Based on Proverbs and Their Metaphors: A Cognitive Descriptive Approach Freeda C. Wilson October 2010
Un modèle de traduction basé sur les proverbes et leurs métaphores : Une position cognitive descriptive Freeda C. Wilson October 2010
Translation on the Basis of Frequency: Compliment and Compliment ResponseNarjes Ziaei July 2012
Naive Translation EquivalentMidhat Ridjanović, PhD July 2013
Translation WorkflowPaula Gordon October 2013

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Translators’ Tools
Mac-PC ConversionsGabe BokorJuly 1997
First Impressions of ViaVoice from IBMRoger FletcherOctober 1997
NaturallySpeaking from Dragon SystemsWilliam J. GrimesOctober 1997
Review of Atril’s Déjà Vu 2Michael BenisJanuary 1998
Translation Aid Software (Four programs reviewed)Suzanne Falcone January 1998
WordFisher for MS WordTibor Környei January 2000
More Translation Memory ToolsSuzanne Assénat Falcone April 2000
Using MS Word's Advanced Find and Replace Function Tibor Környei April 2000
An Effective and Inexpensive Translation Memory Tool Andrei Gerasimov July 2001
Translators' Tools Today—A Personal View Danilo Nogueira January 2002
Trados—Is It a Must?Andrei Gerasimov October 2002
Close Windows. Open DoorsMarc Prior January 2003
SDLX(tm) Translation Suite 2003 Dr. Thomas WaßmerJuly 2003
SDLX(tm) Standard Bearers: TM brand profiles at Lantra-L Ignacio García, Ph.D. October 2003
SDLX(tm)Project Using TRADOS 5.5 Freelance Yuko Tamaki October 2003
From Shoebox to SQLDanilo NogueiraJanuary 2005
Working from Audio RecordingsJosé Henrique LamensdorfJanuary 2005
Research on Dictionary Use by Trainee Translators María del Mar Sánchez Ramos, Ph.D.April 2005
Using a Specialized Corpus to Improve Translation QualityMichael WilkinsonJuly 2005
Design and Development of Translator's Workbench for English to Indian LanguagesAkshi Kumar July 2005
Discovering Translation Equivalents in a Tourism Corpus by Means of Fuzzy SearchingMichael WilkinsonOctober 2005
CAT Tools and Productivity: Tracking Words and HoursFotini VallianatouOctober 2005
Compiling Corpora for Use as Translation Resources Michael Wilkinson January 2006
Legal Aspects of Compiling Corpora to be used as Translation Resources—Questions of CopyrightMichael Wilkinson April 2006
Electronic Tools for Translators in the 21st Century Pablo Muñoz Sánchez October 2006
The Impact of Translation Memory Tools on the Translation ProfessionAhmed Saleh ElimamJanuary 2007
Machine Translation RevisitedJost ZetzscheJanuary 2007
Specialized Monolingual Corpora in TranslationMaryam Mohammadi Dehcheshmeh April 2007
Translating on Good TermsJost ZetzscheApril 2007
Specialized Corpora for Translators: A Quantitative Method to Determine RepresentativenessGloria Corpas Pastor, Ph.D. and Miriam Seghiri, Ph.D.July 2007
The Comparable Corpus-Based Chinese-English Translation—A Case Study of City Introduction Guangsa JinOctober 2008
Getting GraphicJost ZetzscheOctober 2008
Projetex: A Translation Project Management Tool Vitaliy Pedchenko July 2010
Quick Corpora Compiling Using Web as Corpus Michael Wilkinson July 2010
Creating the Ideal Word Processing Environment in Translation Environment ToolsJost ZetzscheOctober 2007
Linguoc LexTerm: una herramienta de extracción automática de terminología gratuita Antoni Oliver, Mercè Vázquez, Joaquim MoréOctober 2007
Manual MT Post-editing: “if it's not broken, don't fix it!”Rafael GuzmánOctober 2007
Technology and the Fine ArtsJost ZetzscheJanuary 2008
Generating a Corpus-Based Metalanguage: The Igbo Language ExampleEnoch AjunwaJanuary 2008
To Upgrade or not to Upgrade Jost ZetzscheApril 2008
From Mechanics to Managers Jost ZetzscheApril 2009
Uncontrolled Terminology and MT: The Importance of Making Good Comparisons Rafael Guzmán April 2009
TranslateCAD—a software tool that enables CAT translation with CAD drawings Vicente Victorica April 2009
The Google Translation Center That Was to Be Jost Zetzsche July 2009
Thirteen Days in June—Adventures with SDL/Trados Danilo NogueiraJuly 2009
Thirteen Days in June—Adventures with SDL/Trados Danilo NogueiraJuly 2009
CAT Tools für Anfänger Lucia Gocci October 2009
CAT Tools for BeginnersLucia Gocci, translated by Gabe Bokor October 2009
Pondering and WonderingJost ZetzscheJanuary 2010
The best corpus analysis program for translators?Michael Wilkinson July 2011
Translation Memory Maintenance: Playing Hide and SeekRafael Guzmán January 2012>
Translators’ Emporium October 2013/TD>
Siri vs. Windows Speech RecognitionLaura Frädrich, BA and Dimitra Anastasiou, PhD July 2012/TD>

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Caught in the Web
Terminology Search on the Worldwide WebGabe BokorJanuary 1999
Search Engines RevisitedGabe BokorOctober 2000
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2004
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2005
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2005
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2005
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2005
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2006
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2006
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2006
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2006
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2007
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2007
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2007
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2007
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2008
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2008
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2008
Translation and Participatory Media: Experiences from Global Voices Chris Salzberg July 2008
Translators’ Best Websites Gabe Bokor October 2008
Translators’ Best Websites Gabe Bokor January 2008
Effective Terminology Management Using Computers Sanaa Benmessaoud July 2008
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2009
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2009
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2009
Los otros asesores de los traductores y redactores médicos: Asociaciones, foros y blogs M.ª Blanca Mayor Serrano, Ph.D.October 2009
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2010
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2010
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2010
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2010
Translators’ On-Line ResourcesGabe BokorOctober 2013
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2011
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2011
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2011
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2011
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2012
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2012
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2012
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2012
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJanuary 2013
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorApril 2012
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorJuly 2012
Web Surfing for Fun and ProfitCathy Flick, Ph.D.October 2013
Translators’ Best WebsitesGabe BokorOctober 2012

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The Importance of Knowing Your Local Vernacular Serghei G. Nikolayev, Ph.D.January 2001
The Role of Communication in Peace and Relief Mission NegotiationsVictoria Edwards April 2002
Memory Training in Interpreting Weihe ZhongJuly 2002
His Excellency and His InterpreterDanilo NogueiraApril 2004
Some Advice on Preparing for Simultaneous Interpretation of Current Political ThemesIgor MaslennikovApril 2004
Bibliography on the Profession of Interpretation Heltan Y.W. Ngan, Ph.D.April 2004
Interprete professionista o professionista interprete?Antonella LasorsaJanuary 2005
El reto de formar intérpretes en el siglo XXIMaría J. Blasco MayorJanuary 2005
Revelations of a Case Style in a Vehicular Accident LawsuitJosef F. Buenker and Diane E. TeichmanJuly 2005
Emotional and Psychological Effects on Interpreters in Public Services—A Critical Factor to Bear in MindCarmen Valero-GarcésJuly 2005
La interpretación de congresos de medicina: formación y profesiónLucía Ruiz RosendoJuly 2005
Strategies for New Interpreters: Interpreting in the Indonesian EnvironmentIzak MorinOctober 2005
Los servicios de interpretación a disposición de las mujeres inmigrantes maltratadas y la nueva ley contra la violencia machista en EspañaMacarena Molina GutiérrezOctober 2005
Del discurso al cuerpo: La técnica Alexander en interpretación Marta Renau-Michavila April 2008
A Prototype System For Machine InterpretationMilam Aiken, Mina Park, Shilpa Balan July 2010
Interpreting the Remarks of World Leaders: The case of the interpreters for the Indonesian and Mexican Presidents Izak MorinJanuary 2011
The Xiada model for Interpreter Training Riccardo Moratto July 2011
Strategies for the Enhancement of Mandarin Chinese Proficiency: A Case Study of Trainee Interpreters in Taiwan Riccardo Moratto October 2011
Interpreting Strategies in Real-life InterpretingDr. Binhua Wang April 2012
Humor in ConferencesLuis D. González and Glenda M. MejiasApril 2012

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Picturesque German—German Idioms and Their Origins Igor MaslennikovOctober 2005

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In Memoriam
Dr. Deanna L. HammondJane M. ZorrillaOctober 1997
Dr. William I. BertscheGabe BokorJuly 1998
Harvie Jordan, 1943-2002Patricia BobeckJanuary 2002
David Orpin, 1946-2002Geoffrey PearlJanuary 2002
Pedro Misner, 1939 - 2003 D'Vonne Casadaban July 2003
William P. Keasbey, 1929 - 2003 October 2003
Eric N. McMillan 1938 - 2003 John Vincent-Smith January 2004
Javier L. Collazo 1918 - 2003 Henry Fischbach January 2004
Alicia Gordon—1950 - 2004 Robert Killingsworth April 2004
Emilio Benito—1947 - 2004 Danilo Nogueira April 2004
Moustafa Gabr—1964 - 2004 Anthony Pym July 2004
Louis Korda—1917 - 2004 Peter A. GergayOctober 2004
In Memoriam: Thomas Snow, 1930 - 2005 Alex Gross and Wilfried PreinfalkApril 2004
In Memoriam: John F. Szablya — 1924 - 2005 January 2006
In Memoriam: Susana Greiss — 1920 - 2005 April 2006
In Memoriam: Catarina Tereza Feldmann — 1944 - 2006Regina AlfaranoJanuary 2007
In Memoriam: João Bethencourt—1924 - 2006Paulo WengorskiApril 2007
In Memoriam: George Hall Kirby, Jr. —1929 - 2006Tony RoderApril 2007
In Memoriam: Rosa Codina Verónica Albin January 2008
In Memoriam: Dr. William Macfarlane Park Andrew Park and Ann Sherwin January 2008
In Memoriam: William J. GrimesIsabel Leonard and othersJanuary 2008
In Memoriam: Leslie Willson January 2008
In Memoriam: Margareta UganderGabe BokorApril 2008
In Memoriam: Donald T. ("Ted") CrumpWilliam B. CramerApril 2008
In Memoriam: Henry Fischbach, 1921 - 2008Gabe BokorOctober 2008
In Memoriam: Dr. Marijan Ante BoškovićPaula GordonOctober 2008
In Memoriam: Ben TeagueGabe BokorJuly 2009
In Memoriam: Josephine Thornton, 1937 - 2010Karen BroveyApril 2010
In Memoriam: Derry Cook-Radmore, 1929 - 2010Nick RosenthalOctober 2010
In Memoriam: Paulo Wengorski, 1951 - 2010 Gabe Bokor October 2010
In Memoriam: Fouad Kheir, 1934 - 2011  January 2012
In Memoriam: Ewald Osers, 1917 - 2011  January 2012
In memoriam: Leland Duane Wright, Jr. — 1942 - 2012 July 2012
In memoriam: Prof. Yuanxi Ma — 1933 - 2013 July 2013
In memoriam: Maggie Rowe July 2013

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Legal Translation
Legal Translation WorkshopMargaret MarksOctober 1997
Pitfalls in Legal Translation Davide De LeoApril 1999
Working in BrazilDanilo NogueiraApril 1999
The Problems of Terminological Equivalence in Maritime LawGemma Capellas-EspunyJuly 2001
La traduzione giuridicaDeirdre Exell PirroJuly 1999
Alcune riflessioni sulle problematiche traduttive dei termini politico-istituzionali nella Costituzione italiana e spagnolaPatrizia Brugnoli April 2002
Difficulties Encountered in the Translation of Legal Texts: The Case of Turkey Dr. Ayfer AltayOctober 2002
The Law of Business Organizations under the New Brazilian Civil CodeDanilo NogueiraJanuary 2004
Réflexions sur la traduction des formes de sociétés Benjamin HeydenApril 2004
Traduzione giuridica e «Legal English»Lorenzo FioritoJuly 2005
Incongruity of Company Law Terms: Categorization of Polish Business Entities and their English Equivalents Łucja BielOctober 2006
El diccionario jurídico español-árabe como herramienta útil para la traducción en el ámbito del Derecho y la mediación intercultural Aguessim El Ghazouani AbdellatifOctober 2007
Interdisciplinariedad y ubicación macrotextual en traducción jurídicaDr. Fernando Prieto Ramos October 2009
Derecho continental y derecho anglosajón: la terminología y la fraseología propia del ámbito sucesorioEsther Vázquez y del Árbol October 2012
The Brazilian Supreme Court Comes to the Rescue of Translators!Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini October 2012

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Finance & Business
The Language of InflationDanilo NogueiraOctober 1997
Translating the Financial Statements of a Brazilian BankDanilo NogueiraJanuary 1998
The Language of Business Entities in BrazilDanilo NogueiraJuly 1998
Going Broke in BrazilDanilo NogueiraJanuary 1999
The Language of the ICMS Tax in BrazilDanilo NogueiraJuly 1999
Translating a Brazilian Balance SheetDanilo NogueiraJanuary 2000
German Financial Accounting and Reporting—FAQs and Fallacies Robin BonthroneJuly 2000
Problématique de la traduction économique et financière Frédéric Houbert April 2001
The Check is not in the Mail—Banking in BrazilDanilo Nogueira April 2001
Implications in Translating Economic Texts Guadalupe Acedo Domínguez and Patricia Edwards Rokowski, Ph.D.July 2002
An English - Italian Glossary of International Finance and TradeLorenzo FioritoApril 2006
Brazilian Taxation—An IntroductionVera & Danilo NogueiraApril 2006
La ironía en el discurso financiero y su traducción José Ramón Calvo Ferrer January 2009
Los efectos de la crisis en el sistema financiero europeo: repercusiones en el mercado de la traducción financieraElena Alcalde PeñalverJuly 2013

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Translators' Health
Using OSHA Guidelines for Ourselves Françoise Herrmann, PhDOctober 2012

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Literary Translation
Translating Poetry—The Works of Arthur Rimbaud From French to English Michael WalkerOctober 1997
A 30 Year-After Near-Posthumous Note on Peter Handke's "Public Insult Michael RoloffJuly 2000 1997
Three Translations of La Chanson du mal-aimé by Guillaume Apollinaire Giovanna Summerfield April 2001
Translating The Sisters and Happy Endings: a proposal of a model of translation and a discussion on women's language and translation María Calzada PerezApril 2001
Fidélité en traduction ou l'éternel souci des traducteurs Nassima El Medjira October 2001
The Power of SoundJoanna Janecka October 2001
Cultural Elements in Translation—The Indian Perspective C. Thriveni January 2002
Translation and Culture Alejandra Patricia Karamanian January 2002
Cultural Implications for TranslationKate JamesOctober 2002
African Writers as Practising Translators—The Case of Ahmadou KouroumaHaruna Jiyah Jacob, Ph.D.October 2002
Language Ambiguity: A Curse and a Blessing Cecilia Quiroga-ClareJanuary 2003
Translation of Literary Style Song Xiaoshu, Cheng Dongming January 2003
Language and Choice for Learning/Translating EnglishIbrahim Saad, Ph.D. October 2003
La traducción al español de las referencias culturales en Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? de Edward Albee Mario Juan Serrano October 2003
Globalization and Translation: A discussion of the effect of globalization on today's translation Nico Wiersema January 2004
The Translator's Dilemma—Implicatures and the role of the translatorAntar Solhy AbdellahApril 2004
Linguistic and Cultural Issues in Literary TranslationMohammed Albakry April 2004
Bridging the Cultural Divide: Lexical Barriers and Translation Strategies in English Translations of Modern Japanese Literature James HobbsApril 2004
A Little Conversation about Tone and TranslationVasconcelos de CarvalhoJuly 2004
Translation of Poetry: Sa`di's "Oneness of Mankind" RevisitedHossein Vahid Dastjerdi, Ph.D. /TD>October 2004
Ideological Manipulation in Translation in a Chinese Context: Su Manshu's Translation of Les MisérablesLi LiApril 2005
Translation & RainfallAlireza YazdunpanuhJuly 2005
Übersetzen als Neuschreiben: die Macht des ÜbersetzersDr. Charlotte FreiJuly 2005
L'Épreuve de l'autre dans la traduction espagnole de Vivre me tueDr. Nadia DuchêneOctober 2005
Documentation as Ethics in Postcolonial Translation Dora Sales Salvador January 2006
Fate: The Inevitable Betrayal in TranslatingLeandro Wolfson January 2006
Proper Names in Translation of Fiction (Translation into English of The History of a Town by M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin)Alexander Kalashnikov January 2006
Translation of Charactonyms from English into Russian Alexander Kalashnikov July 2006
Réflexions sur la littérature africaine et sa traductionIheanacho A. Akakuru, PhD, Dominic C. Chima, PhDJuly 2006
The Philosophy and Economics of Translation: Myth and Reality Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra April 2007
A New Approach to Translation: The transposition or transcription system of Sub-Saharan African writers Salawu Adewuni, Ph.D.April 2007
Caveat Translator—Let the Translator Beware William L. Cunningham July 2007
Transformation of Literary Imagery in Translation—Sallust's Personage of Catiline in Bulgarian Translation ContextYoana Sirakova July 2007
Chinese Translation of Literary Black Dialect and Translation Strategy Reconsidered: The Case of Alice Walker's The Color PurpleYi-ping Wu and Yu-ching Chang January 2008
A Study of Persian Translations of Narrative Style: A case study of Virginia Woolf's The WavesSomaye DelzendehrooyJanuary 2008
Images, Imagination and Image-Gestalt in English-Chinese Literary Translation Jinghua Zhang April 2008
Problems of Rendering Linguistic Devices in Rumi's poetry Mahmoud Ordudary April 2008
Corpus-based Study of Differences in Explicitation between Literature Translations for Children and for Adults Shih Chung-ling July 2008
The Literary Translator and the Concept of Fidelity: Kirkup's Translation of Camara Laye's L'Enfant noir as a Case Study Kolawole, S. O. and Salawu, Adewuni October 2008
How to Face Challenging Symbols: Translating Symbols from Persian to English Mahmoud Ordudari October 2008
Reading and Translating Kate Chopin's The Awakening as a Non-Feminist TextYi-ping Wu and Wen-chun Tsai January 2009
Translating Rape Irene Chen April 2009
Chosen Aspects of the Polish Translation of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by Andrzej Polkowski: Translating Proper Names Anna Standowicz July 2009
A Key Word in Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of SolitudeDr. James McCutcheon July 2009
Teaching Evaluation of Classical Chinese Poetry Translation Chen Qiujin October 2009
La influencia de Voltaire en el primer Hamlet españolLaura Campillo ArnaizJanuary 2010
Into Brazilian Portuguese: Culture and the Translation of The Glass MenagerieMarco Túlio Túlio de Urzêda Freitas and Dilys Karen Rees January 2010
'Speaking in the Feminine': Considerations for Gender-Sensitive TranslationKate James April 2011
Translating in a Female Voice: the Case History of Giustina Renier Michiel Alessandra Calvani July 2011
La palingénésie de Marco Micone Cecilia FogliaOctober 2012
Two New Chinese Translations of Hamlet Introduced and ComparedXiaonong WangJuly 2013
Four Case Studies of W.B. Yeats’s Plays Mehdi GhobadiJuly 2013

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Cultural Aspects of Translation
Accommodation in TranslationAiwei Shi July 2004
Panorama de la mediación intercultural y la traducción/interpretación en los servicios públicos en EspañaDora Sales Salvador, Ph.D.January 2005
On Idioms, Intertextuality, Puddings, and Quantum Physics (all of them in simultaneous, please)Carlo MarzocchiApril 2005
Translation in ContextJiang TianminApril 2006
Narrowing the Gap between Theory and Practice of TranslationSalawu Adewuni, Ph.D.April 2006
L'Emprunt dans la traduction Salawu Adewuni, Ph.D.July 2006
Connotation and Cross-cultural Semantics Salah Salim AliOctober 2006
Translation procedures, strategies and methodsMahmoud Ordudary July 2007
A Cognitive Approach for Translating MetaphorsAli R. Al-Hasnawi, Ph.D.July 2007
Hindrances in Arabic-English Intercultural TranslationAdel Salem Bahameed, Ph.D.January 2008
Unique Korean Cultural Concepts in Interpersonal RelationsD. BannonJanuary 2008
Translating Culture-Bound Elements in Subtitling—An Example of Interlinguistic Analysis: a scene from Scent of a Woman Elisa Armellino April 2008
Translating Sexuality: The Translation Industry and Adult Websites Sathya Rao July 2008
The Challenges of Translating "I" in Japanese Academic TextsStephen Pihlaja January 2009
The Cultural Transfer in Anime Translation Mariko Hanada April 2009
Cultural UntranslatabilityKanji Kitamura July 2009
Cross-Cultural Communication and Translation Forogh Karimipur Davaninezhad October 2009
Culture-Specific Items in Literary TranslationsSepideh FiroozkoohiJanuary 2010
A Study of Euphemisms from the Perspectives of Cultural Translation and Linguistics Behnaz Sanaty Pour October 2010
When American Culture Floats Adrift: A Case Study of Two Versions of Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"Orges SelmaniOctober 2011
A Typology of Derivatives: Translation, Transposition, AdaptationHenry WhittleseyApril 2012
Who’s Listening/Reading?Philip MacdonaldOctober 2012
Translation of Cultural Items in Dubbed Animated ComediesPaulina BurczynskaOctober 2012

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Translating Development
Neologisms in International DevelopmentAlexandra Russell-BittingJanuary 2000

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Translators and the Computer
XML and the TranslatorAlan Melby, Ph.D.April 2000
Reflections of a Human Translator on Machine Translation Steve Vlasta VitekApril 2000
Machine Translation and the Future of the Translation Industry Yves ChampollionJanuary 2001
From Novelty to Ubiquity: Computers and Translation at the Close of the Industrial AgeCelia Rico Pérez January 2001
Toward Corpus-Based Machine Translation for Standard ArabicMathieu Guidère, Ph.D.January 2002
Useful Machine Translations of Japanese Patents Have Become a Reality Steve Vlasta Vitek April 2002
The Emerging Role of Translation Experts in the Coming MT Era Zhuang Xinglai October 2002
Machine Translation and Computer-Assisted Translation: a New Way of Translating? Olivia Craciunescu, Constanza Gerding-Salas, Susan Stringer-O'Keeffe July 2004
Computer Collocations and Computer MetaphorsAnca Irinel TeleoacăJuly 2004
La traduction automatique par opposition à la théorie interprétative — analyse d'un corpus de productions réelles Chidi Nnamdi Igwe October 2005
Interlingual Machine Translation: Prospects and Setbacks Fırat Açıkgöz and Olcay Sert July 2006
Automatic Translation in Multilingual Electronic MeetingsMilam Aiken, Mina Park, Lakisha Simmons, and Tobin Lindblom July 2009
Automatic Web Translators as Part of a Multilingual Question-Answering (QA) System: Translation of Questions Lola García-Santiago and María-Dolores Olvera-LoboJanuary 2010
The Efficacy of Round-trip Translation for MT EvaluationMilam Aiken and Mina ParkJanuary 2010
Consider the LudditesJost ZetzscheApril 2010
Hostile Takeover? Welcome Addition? Machine Translation Enters the World of the Translator Jost ZetzscheJuly 2010
Overcoming the Digital Divide through Machine Translation Preeti Dubey January 2011
Computer-assisted translation tools: A brief review Ilya Ulitkin January 2011
An Analysis of Google Translate Accuracy Milam Aiken and Shilpa Balan April 2011
More Reflections of a Human Translator on Machine Translation in The Field of Patent Translation Steve Vlasta Vitek July 2011
Building Blocks Jost Zetzsche October 2011
Translation Memory Maintenance: Playing Hide and Seek Rafael Guzmán January 2012
Identification of Terms Marked by the Japanese and Indian CulturesCristina Castillo Rodríguez, Ph.D.April 2012
Language Resources for Translation in Multilingual Question Answering SystemsMaría-Dolores Olvera-Lobo and Juncal Gutiérrez-ArtachoApril 2012
Free Online Translators: A Comparative Assessment of www.worldlingo.com, www.freexlation.com, and www.translate.google.comClaire Ellender, PhDJuly 2012
Olympic TargetsJost ZetzscheJuly 2012
Friendly Files and Fancy FormatsJost ZetzscheJanuary 2013
Human Translation vs. Machine Translation: Rise of the MachinesIlya UlitkinJanuary 2013
The Ukrainian Cornucopia of ToolsJost ZetzscheApril 2013
Social InvestmentsJost ZetzscheOctober 2013

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Advertising Translation
Translation Practices in International Advertising Mathieu Guidère, Ph.D.January 2001
Die interkulturelle Dimension von Werbeanzeigen-eine übersetzungsrelevante kontrastive TextanalyseAntonia Montes FernándezApril 2003
Loss and Gain of Textual Meaning in Advertising Translation: A case study Liu ZequanOctober 2003
Loss and Gain of Textual Meaning in Advertising Translation: A case study Liu ZequanOctober 2003
New Zealand in Translation: Presenting a Country's Image in a Government WebsiteZhao Ning January 2008
Building an Appealing Brand Image in the Translation of Soft News Zhao Ning October 2008
Translating Publicity Texts in the Light of the Skopos Theory: Problems and SuggestionsWang Baorong January 2009
Motocicletas, Internet y estrategias de traducción publicitaria Junming Yao April 2009
Cross-Cultural Context Ambiguities. Case Study: Polish and English Commercial Advertisement Translation Joanna Rek-Harrop April 2010
Advertisement as a Writing Style and Strategies for its Translation Shi Aiwei July 2010
Advertising in Translation: “Nivea Beauty Is” Campaign Against “Belleza Es, Facetas” Soledad Sta. María October 2012
The challenges of translation of tourist e-textVasyl Stefanyk October 2013

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Translation Theory
Translation As a Communication Process Frédéric HoubertJuly 1998
The Sociosemiotic Approach and Translation of Fiction Yongfang Hu October 2000
Equivalence in Translation: Between Myth and Reality Vanessa Leonardi October 2000
Translation and Meaning Magdy M. Zaky October 2000
Translation and Language Varieties Magdy M. Zaky July 2001
Constructing a Model for Shift Analysis in Translation Dr. Mohammad Q. R. Al-Zoubi and Dr. Ali Rasheed Al-HassnawiOctober 2001
The Invisible in Translation: The Role of Text Structure Abdolmehdi Riazi, Ph.D. April 2003
La relevancia de la documentación en teoría literaria y literatura comparada para los estudios de traducción Dora Sales Salvador July 2003
Register Analysis as a Tool for Translation Quality AssessmentLiu Zequan July 2003
Philosophy, Antropology, and Linguistics in TranslationCarmen Guarddon Anelo, Ph.D. January 2004
Foreignization/Domestication and Yihua/Guihua: A Contrastive Study He XianbinApril 2005
¿Qué traducción? Los métodos de traducción en el análisis contemporáneoArmando Francesconi, Ph.D.April 2005
Domesticating the Theorists: A Plea for Plain LanguageMaría Teresa SánchezJanuary 2007
The Role of Bilingualism in Translation ActivityBurce KayaJanuary 2007
Formulating Strategies for the Translator Jean-Pierre Mailhac April 2007
Synonymy in TranslationSaid M. Shiyab, Ph.D.January 2008
Good Translation: Art, Craft, or Science?Mahmoud Ordudary January 2008
¿Es la traducción una ciencia o una tecnología?Macarena Molina GutiérrezJanuary 2008
The Bottom of the Iceberg: The Explicitation of the Implicit in English-Ukrainian-English TranslationOleksandra Liashchenko April 2008
Linguists and Culture Experts at a Crossroad: Limitations in Formulating an Experimental Translation TheorySalawu Adewuni, Ph.D.April 2008
Meaning: The Philosopher's Stone of the Alchemist Translator?Maite Aragonés Lumeras, Ph.D.July 2008
Meaning: The Translators' Role in Clarifying Some Misconceptions Ferenc Kovács October 2008
Is Translation a Rewriting of an Original Text?Tomoko Inaba April 2009
How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns in Translation or Interpretation? Sahar Farrahi Avval April 2011
A Taxonomy of Human Translation Styles Michael Carl, Barbara Dragsted, and Arnt Lykke Jakobsen April 2011
The Illusion of Transparency Daniel VallesOctober 2012
TTR Changes in Different Directions of TranslationSergiy Fokin, PhD, APOctober 2012

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The Profession
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 1998
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 1999
The Business of TranslatingDanilo NogueiraOctober 1998
Translation Contracts January 1999
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 1999
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 1999
The Challenges of Being a Translator on the Eve of the 21st CenturyFrédéric HoubertJuly 1999
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 1999
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2000
Translating the Web: Into the FutureJan OldenburgJanuary 2000
ASTM Standard for Language TranslationSteve LankJanuary 2000
Science or Translation?Maria KarraJanuary 2000
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2000
Sorry, Guys, You Can't WinDanilo NogueiraApril 2000
Un secreto bien guardadoDaniela Camozzi y Daniela Rodrigues Gesualdi April 2000
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2000
In Pursuit of the Cheapest Translation CostJohannes TanJuly 2000
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2000
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2001
Existe-t-il des traducteurs spécialisés ?Frédéric HoubertJanuary 2001
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2001
Marketing Your Translation Services: Test Translations—To Do or Not to Do?Andrei Gerasimov April 2001
The Changing World of Japanese Patent TranslatorsSteve Vlasta Vitek April 2001
Sounding the Language-Elephant's Trumpet (a guide for intelligent buyers of translation services) Part 1Paul Sutton April 2001
Sounding the Language-Elephant's Trumpet (a guide for intelligent buyers of translation services) Part 2Paul Sutton January 2002
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2001
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2001
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2002
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2002
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2002
Choosing the Best Bid- An Application of Two Managerial Decision-Making Theories Aysel MorinOctober 2001
An Easy TranslationDanilo NogueiraOctober 2001
Heading for TroubleDanilo NogueiraApril 2002
Translation Economics 101 by Danilo NogueiraDanilo NogueiraJuly 2002
What Every Novice Translator Should Know Antar S.Abdellah July 2002
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2002
What the Guys Said, the Way They Said It, As Best We CanDanilo NogueiraOctober 2002
Translation and Project ManagementCelia Rico Pérez, Ph.D.October 2002
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2003
It's a Small WorldSteve Vlasta VitekJanuary 2002
Translation: A Market in Crisis?Danilo NogueiraJanuary 2003
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2003
Translation:Test Translations—an UpdateAndrei Gerasimov, Ph.D. April 2003
The Nine MarketsDanilo NogueiraApril 2004
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2003
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2003
CollectionAndrei GerasimovOctober 2003
Are you Prepared to Meet Your Client?Danilo NogueiraOctober 2003
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2004
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2004
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2004
Source Language versus Target Language Bias David Petersen, Ph.D.July 2004
Lab Report on a Marketing Campaign for Freelance Translation Services José Henrique LamensdorfOctober 2004
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2004
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2005
Why are most translators underpaid? A descriptive explanation using asymmetric information and a suggested solution from signaling theory Andy Lung Jan ChanApril 2005
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2005
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2005
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2005
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2006
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2006
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2006
Twenty Bucks for a Sheet of PaperDanilo NogueiraJuly 2006
The Power of Saying "No"Danilo NogueiraOctober 2006
Educating the CustomerBrett Jocelyn Epstein October 2006
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2006
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2007
It could happen to you!Natasha CurtisJanuary 2007
Translation Company Owners — Does Your Business Own You?Huiping Iler January 2007
On the Matter of DiscountsDanilo & Vera NogueiraJanuary 2007
Ten Ways to Make Sure You Get a Really Bad TranslationM.L. Seren-Rosso January 2007
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2007
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2007
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2007
Educating the Customers, Redux: TimeBrett Jocelyn EpsteinJuly 2007
The Importance of Effective Communication in the Translation BusinessJudy A. AbrahamsJuly 2007
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2008
Do We Really Need Translation Standards After All? A Comparison of US and European Standards for Translation ServicesGérard de Angéli January 2008
Ethical Implications of Translation TechnologiesÉrika Nogueira de Andrade StupielloJanuary 2008
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2008
Working for Translation Agencies as a Freelancer: A Guide for Novice TranslatorsLucja Biel, Ph.D. April 2008
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2008
Everything’s Comin’ up Roses (with apologies to Stephen Sondheim)Bernie Bierman July 2008
Supply and Demand Analysis of Patent Translation Yvonne Tsai July 2008
Translators in the Age of Image and Speech Eileen B. Hennessy July 2008
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2008
Whistle-Blowing and Language Professionals: The Case of Postville and Professor Erik Camayd-Freixas Eileen B. Hennessy October 2008
Navigating in a New Era: What Kind of Education and Training for Translators?Eileen B. Hennessy October 2008
The Seven Steps Danilo Nogueira and Kelli SemoliniOctober 2008
Working for Translation Agencies as a Freelancer: A Guide for Novice TranslatorsLucja Biel, Ph.D. April 2008
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2009
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2009
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2009
Statement to the Profession Dr. Erik Camayd-Freixas January 2009
Ethics 101 for Translators Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini April 2009
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2009
I Want the Credits for my Translation!Danilo NogueiraOctober 2009
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2010
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2010
The Translator and his Client: Factoring external determinations into the translational activity Dr. Iheanacho A. Akakuru April 2010
Crowdsourcing Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini April 2010
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2010
The Concepts of Globalization and Localization Ying-ting Chuang July 2010
Will We Be Here Tomorrow? Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini July 2010
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2010
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2011
How to Drive Your Translators Crazy without Really TryingDanilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini October 2010
We want a discount…Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini January 2011
Time management by the Freelance Translator: Practical rules to schedule your workday and activities Maria Antonietta Ricagno January 2011
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2011
We want a discount…Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini April 2011
How to Become a Translator Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini July 2011
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2011
Industrious? Yes. Industry? Maybe Not Jost Zetzsche, Ph.D.July 2011
Does Translation Management Really Exist?Vladimir Pedchenko July 2011
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2011
Good Proofreader / Bad ProofreaderPham Hoa Hiep, Ed.D.October 2011
We are Still of Two Minds about ItDanilo Nogueira, Kelli SemoliniOctober 2011
The Financial Crisis and Translator's MathFotini VallianatouOctober 2011
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2012
Recommendations for Freelance Translators: A study from a project manager’s perspective Aleksandra NarożnaeJanuary 2012
The Dark Side of Translation Revision Charles MartinJanuary 2012
The Value of TranslationYvonne TsaiJanuary 2012
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2012
ID Fraud in the Translation Industry: A guide on how to protect freelance translators and translation agencies against identity fraudAleksandra NarożnaApril 2012
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2012
Letter to a Would-be TranslatorDanilo Nogueira and Kelli SemoliniJuly 2012
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2012
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJanuary 2013
The Most Prized Possession of AllJost ZetzscheOctober 2012
Found in Translation by Nataly Kelly and Jost ZetzscheReviewed by Gabe Bokor January 2013
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeApril 2013
Translation—an ageless professionKatia Spanakaki April 2013
Networking 101Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini April 2013
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeJuly 2013
Rosetta Stone and Translation RatesDanilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini July 2013
The Bottom LineFire Ant & Worker BeeOctober 2013
Driving the Bus both WaysDanilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini October 2013

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Translators in the Media
The OnionskinChris DurbanOctober 1997
The Onionskin—Promoting Good Translation PracticeChris DurbanJanuary 1998
Translators and the Media Part 1 and Part 2 January 2000
La traduction français-espagnol des titres journalistiques du Monde Diplomatique : un exemple de tension entre adéquation et acceptabilitéGemma Andújar Moreno, Ph.D.July 2006

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The Related Arts
Translation and TypesettingGabe BokorJanuary 1998
Adding Value to Translation with DTP Partnership José Henrique Lamensdorf October 1998

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Arts and Entertainment
A Proposed Set of Subtitling StandardsFotios KaramitroglouApril 1998
Translator, Adapter, ScreenwriterRobert Paquin, Ph.D.July 1998
Translator—a Lovely ProfessionKarin Almegård Nörby/Monica Scheer October 1998
Fernsehuntertitelung in FlandernLuc Ockers October 1998
Translation for Art and Architectural HistoryMichael Walker April 1999
Audiovisual Translation at the Dawn of the Digital AgeFotios Karamitroglou July 1999
In the Footsteps of GiantsRobert Paquin, Ph.D.July 2001
Performability versus Readability: A Historical Overview of a Theoretical Polarization in Theatre TranslationDr. Ekaterini NikolareaOctober 2002
Translation in a Confined Space—Film Sub-titling, Part 1 Barbara SchwarzOctober 2002
Translation in a Confined Space—Film Sub-titling, Part 2Barbara SchwarzJanuary 2003
Este traductor no es un gallina: El trasvase del humor audiovisual en Chicken RunAna Isabel Hernández Bartolomé, Gustavo Mendiluce CabreraJuly 2004
The Viewer as the Focus of Subtitling—Towards a Viewer-oriented ApproachAli HajmohammadiOctober 2004
The Power of Film Translation Agnieszka Szarkowska April 2005
Screen Translation. A Case Study: The Translation of Swearing in the Dubbing of the Film South Park into SpanishMaría Jesús Fernández FernándezJuly 2006
Translating Humor for SubtitlingKatia Spanakaki April 2007
A to Z of Screenplay Translation Alireza AmeriOctober 2007
The Contact Between Cultures and the Role of Translation and the Mass Media Juan José Martínez-Sierra, Ph.D.January 2008
Performatives in Ying Ruocheng's Translation of TeahouseRen Xiaofei and Feng QinghuaJanuary 2008
Translating Humor in Dubbing and Subtitling Anna Jankowska April 2009
On the Dubbing of Humor: Tidying Up the Room Juan José Martínez-Sierra, Ph.D. July 2009
Doblaje audiovisual y publicidad—Reflexiones en torno al concepto de manipulación Isabel Cómitre Narváez July 2009
Empirical Study of Subtitled MoviesMaria Bernschütz, Ph.D.July 2009
The Role of Trans-modal Translation in Global Cinema D. BannonApril 2010
Tonality in Subtitle Translation D. BannonOctober 2010
English-into-Persian Translation of Colloquial Expressions in Subtitled Films Hossein Barzegar October 2010
Transporting the Aquarium: Overcoming the Challenges of Subtitling Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank into French Claire Ellender July 2011
Transporting the Aquarium: Breaking Free of the Language Barrier in Music Gregory H. Bontrager July 2011
Preserving Linguistic Alterity when Subtitling The Terminal into French Claire Ellender, Ph.D.January 2012
Mispronunciation in SubtitlingSarah PybuJuly 2012
When Correct Grammar is Wrong-ish—Grammaticality, Ungrammaticality, and Usage-based Theory in Film SubtitlesSD. BannonApril 2013

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Translating Social Change
Translation and Transliteration of the Mongolian LanguageMichael WalkerApril 1998
Concept Translation in Meiji JapanNiculina NaeJuly 1999
Translation as RewritingBerrin Aksoy, Ph.D. July 2001
Internet and Cultural Concepts from a Translation Perspective Anca Irinel Teleoaca January 2004
Translation Problems in Modern Russian SocietyIrina Khutyz April 2005

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Religious Translation
Problems of Bible TranslationIlias Chatzitheodorou October 2001
Proverbs and Phrases of Biblical OriginIgor Maslennikov April 2006
The Loss in the Translation of the Qur’an Mohammad Abdelwali April 2006
God's Translators—A Conversation with Ilan Stavans Verónica Albin October 2008

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Sports Translation
Football Is Coming Home to Die-Hard Translators Luciano Monteiro April 2008

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Medical Translations
Immunology—A Brief Overview, Part 1Lúcia M. Singer, Ph.D.July 1998
Immunology—A Brief Overview, Part 2Lúcia M. Singer, Ph.D.October 1998
Immunology—A Brief Overview, Part 3Lúcia M. Singer, Ph.D.January 1999
The Spanish Language in MedicineJack SeguraJuly 1999
Handling Greek and Latin Terms in Spanish Medical TranslationVerónica AlbinJuly 1999
SARS or ATP—a Misnomer in Mainland ChinaYichuan Sang, Ph.D.July 2003
Características del discurso biomédico y su estructura: el caso de las Cartas al director Esther Vázquez y del Árbol, Ph.D.April 2004
Translating SOPs in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing EnvironmentAnne Catesby JonesApril 2004
Terminología de la discapacidad visualM.D. Cebrián de MiguelJanuary 2004
The Bellicose Character of Medical Prose Rafael A. Rivera, M.D., FACP January 2009
The Sounds of Clinical Medicine Rafael A. Rivera, M.D., FACP April 2009
Physician Extenders—Who are they? Are they measuring up?Rafael A. Rivera, M.D., FACP July 2009
Translation of Medical Terms Katrin Herget, Teresa Alegre July 2009
'Death Panels'—Say What!!?Rafael A. Rivera, M.D., FACP October 2009
How Many Varieties of Medical Practice Are There?Rafael A. Rivera, M.D., FACP January 2010
It doesn't go up, Doc? A stent may be the answer!Rafael A. Rivera, M.D., FACP April 2010
Handling Abbreviations and Acronyms in Medical TranslationMałgorzata Kasprowicz April 2010
English-Spanish and Spanish-English Glossary of Ophthalmological Terms Concepción Mira RuedaApril 2010
Comparison of Textual Patterns in German and Portuguese Medical Texts Katrin Herget and Teresa Alegre October 2010
Glosario de términos en el subdominio de ventilación mecánica y fisiopatología respiratoria (español-inglés/inglés-español)Cristina Castillo Rodríguez y Juan M. Mora Ordóñez July 2011
Tradução de palavras compostas de alemão para português—o caso dos textos médicosKatrin Herget and Teresa Alegre October 2011
La historieta como instrumento para la divulgación médico-sanitaria: Aspectos pragmalingüísticosBlanca Mayor SerranoApril 2013

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Non-English Computing
Use of “Virtual” Texts and HTML in Transliteration Michael WalkerJanuary 1999
The Multilingual WebGabe BokorOctober 1999

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Book Reviews
Two German Books About Machine TranslationAlex GrossJuly 1999
The Very Mind of English?-Activate Your Mind, Socrates StyleZsuzsanna ArdóJanuary 2001
The Very Heart of English?- Reflections on culture, fluency and the native speaker's head prompted by the LDELC Zsuzsanna ArdóJanuary 2001
Two New Portuguese DictionariesGabe BokorJanuary 2001
Emotions, Taboos and Profane Language Zsuzsanna Ardó April 2001
Virgin Birth and Red Underpants-The Translator's Responsibility in Shaping Our Worldview Zsuzsanna Ardó October 2001
Hyperformality, Politeness Markers and Vulgarity Zsuzsanna Ardó April 2002
The Hunt for Red October Mark HookerJuly 2003
The Talking Parcel Learns to Speak Russian Mark HookerApril 2004
Science in Translation Beverly Adab, Ph.D.April 2004
Tolkien in Chinese: A Thesis ReviewMark Hooker July 2004
Enrique Alcaraz and Brian Hughes'
Diccionario de términos jurídicos Inglés-Español, Spanish-English
Mª Angeles Ruiz Moneva July 2004
New English-Polish and Polish-English Dictionaries: Some Problems Related to Legal, Financial and Insurance Terminology Łucja BielJuly 2004
Don Kiraly's A Social Constructivist Approach to Translator EducationMarta RosasOctober 2004
New Terminologies: Peaceful Immigrants or Invading Hordes? A Review of Three New BooksAlex GrossOctober 2004
For the Benefit & Helpe of Ladies and Gentlewomen: A Translator's Historical Review of Dictionaries and Their EccentricitiesVerónica AlbinOctober 2004
A Newly Revised Dutch Edition of The Lord of the RingsMark T. HookerJanuary 2005
Manual de documentación y terminología para la traducción especializadaDra. Carmen Cuéllar LázaroJanuary 2005
On Dictionaries: A Conversation with Ilan Stavans Verónica Albin April 2005
Tolkien’s Use of the Word “Garn!” to Typify a Motley Crew of ReprobatesMark T. Hooker April 2005
Legal Translation and the Dictionary by Marta ChromáMichael TrittipoJuly 2005
Guaraní DictionaryRobert Croese July 2005
Manual de documentación para la traducción literariaDra. Carmen Cuéllar Lázaro April 2006
Camões in English—A ReviewRegina Alfarano, Ph.D.April 2006
Dictionary Review: Hungarian Practical DictionaryCatherine Bokor, Ph.D.October 2006
Book Review: Corinne McKay’s How to Succeed as a Freelance TranslatorEve Lindemuth Bodeux October 2006
Translating Poet-Translators: Norman R. Shapiro Meets Marot, du Bellay, and Ronsard Robert Paquin, Ph.D.January 2007
Thinking German TranslationGertrud ChampeJanuary 2007
The Greatest Invention that Was Never Invented Zsuzsanna ArdóJuly 2007
Blue Lines on Black Ink: A Look at a New Book on Censorship and TranslationVerónica AlbinOctober 2007
A Non-Native User's Perspective of Corpus-Based Dictionaries of English and FrenchEstela Carvalho October 2007
Hey, counsel, you've plagiarized my book!Danilo NogueiraOctober 2007
Engenheiros do Destino de José LamensdorfDayse BatistaOctober 2007
Double the Pleasure: The Complete Fables of Jean de La Fontaine Translated by Norman ShapiroRobert Paquin, Ph.D.January 2008
Review of "The Book of Psalms: A Translation with Commentary"Robert AlterAlexandra GlynnJanuary 2008
Review of Book Review: A Companion to Translation Studies Esmaeil Haddadian Moghaddam July 2008
The Locas mujeres poems of Gabriela MistralLiliana ValenzuelaJuly 2008
La evaluación en los estudios de traducción e interpretación por María-José Varela SalinasCristina Plaza LaraJanuary 2009
His Majesty, The Interpreter: The Fascinating World of Simultaneous Translation by Ewandro Magalhães Jr.Arlene M. KellyJanuary 2009
A review of The Distaff & the Pen—French Women Poets of Nine Centuries, selected and translated by Norman R. ShapiroRobert Paquin, Ph.D.October 2009
A Comparative Review of Two Monolingual Dictionaries of the English LanguageJoana Rek-Harrop October 2009
The Untold Sixties—When hope was born: an Insider's Sixties on an International Scale by Alex Gross, reviewed by Gabe Bokor April 2010
Huck Finn in Italian, Pinocchio in English: Theory and Praxis of Literary Translation reviewed by Anne Milano Appel, Ph.D.April 2010
La Fontaine's Bawdy—of Libertines, Louts, and Lechers, translations from Contes et nouvelles en vers by Norman R. Shapiro reviewed by Robert Paquin, Ph.D.April 2010
Agop Hacikyan's A Summer without Dawn reviewed by Hasmik Najaryan October 2010
Desarrollo de la competencia traductora de Silvia Roiss reseñado por Dra María José Varela Salinas October 2010
(EPE) by Seth Lindstromberg reviewed by Gabe Bokor January 2011
Bugnot, M. A., Le discours touristique ou la réactivation du Locus Amoenusreviewed by Concepción Mira Rueda July 2011
An Empirical Study for Translation Studies—A Multifaceted PerspectiveReviewed by Xiangjun Liu, Ph.D. October 2011
Textología contrastiva, derecho comparado y traducción jurídica: Las sentencias de divorcio alemanas y españolasReseñado por Concepción Mira Rueda October 2011
Bridging Worlds Through Language and TranslationReseñado por Concepción Mira Rueda October 2011
Submerged Gender Ideology in the Chinese Version of Philip Pullman’s His Dark MaterialsDr. Anna W.B. TsoJanuary 2012
Don Quijote en su periplo universal. Aspectos de la recepción internacional de la novela cervantinaConcepción Mira Rueda
July 2012
And God Said—How Translations Conceal the Bible's Original Meaning by Dr. Joel M. HoffmanGabe BokorJuly 2012

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Some Ways of Translating English Phrasal Verbs into Russian Igor YatskovichJuly 1999

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The Arabic Language and Folk LiteratureSrpko LestaricJanuary 2000
Allegory in Arabic Expressions of Speech and Silence Hasan Ghazala, Ph.D April 2002

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Saisir les subtilités qui existent entre l'anglais et le français ? Frédéric HoubertJuly 2002

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English to Japanese-to What Extent Can Translation Be Accurate? Angela Loo Siang Yen July 2002

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What is the Word for "you" in Portuguese? Danilo Nogueira July 2000
Into English—Seven survival tools for translating Brazilian Portuguese into English Danilo Nogueira October 2000
World Translation ContestDanilo Nogueira January 2001
World Translation ContestDanilo Nogueira April 2001
Coping with YouDanilo Nogueira July 2004
Isso vai dar merda: implicações do conhecimento do significado de expressões idiomáticas na tradução de uma entrevista do ex-presidente LulaAna Karla Pereira de Miranda e Dra Elizabete Aparecida Marques October 2011
Trip around the Box in Less than Thirteen Hundred WordsDanilo Nogueira and Kelli SemoliniJanuary 2012
Norms in the Translation of Southern American English in Subtitles in Brazil: How is southern American speech presented to Brazilians?Vanessa Lopes Lourenço HanesJuly 2012

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Strategies for Translating -ing Adjectives and Nouns from English to Spanish Constanza Gerding Salas January 2001
El italiano coloquial y su traducción al español: el léxico de Mai sentita così bene Jorge Leiva Rojo April 2003
Maddening Amusements; A Richness of TreesEileen Brockbank January 2005
Neutral Spanish, Spanglish and Medical Translation. A Case of Heterodoxy Prof. Isabel García Izquierdo July 2006
Spanglish: To Ser or Not to Be? That is la cuestión!Eduardo González, Ph.D.October 2006

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Lexicographical considerations in creating an online bilingual lexicon for students from a Chinese background: The problem of translation Christopher Greaves, Han Yang April 2000
Notes on Teaching Translation Between Chinese and English Chuanmao TianJanuary 2005
From Zeros to Heroes: The Role of the Translator during the Late Qing DynastyDavid SmithJuly 2007
Eileen Chang's Translation of The Golden CangueDeng JingOctober 2007
An Integrated Approach to the Translation of Special Terms with Special Reference to Chinese term lüse shipin (green food)Zhu Yubin January 2008

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Translator Education
Including Technical and Academic Writing in Translation CurriculaTibor Koltay, Ph.D.April 1998
Considerations on Teaching TranslationLic. Denis Sánchez Calderaro.July 1998
Translation Studies at a CrossroadsMaj-Britt HolljenJanuary 1999
A First-Hand Experience with T&I Studies and TeachingEtilvia Arjona Ch., Ph.D.October 1999
Teaching Translation-Problems and Solutions Prof. Constanza Gerding-Salas July 1999
Poor Results in Foreign>Native Translation: Reasons and Ways of Avoidance Serghei NikolayevOctober 2000
Revision-Food for ThoughtNick Somers January 2001
Program Evaluation-A Missing Critical Link in Translator Training Moustafa GabrJanuary 2001
Toward a Model Approach to Translation Curriculum DevelopmentMoustafa Gabr April 2001
Translators or Instructors or BothCarol Ann Goff-Kfouri, Ph.D. April 2001
Trial and Error or Experimentation or Both! Moustafa Gabr October 2001
A Skeleton in the Closet—Teaching Translation in Egyptian National Universities Moustafa Gabr, FILJanuary 2002
Teaching Proposal Writing to TranslatorsTibor Koltay, Ph.D.April 2002
Developing Guidelines for a New Curriculum for the English Translation BA Program in Iranian Universities Leila Razmjou April 2002
Quality Assurance in Translator Training Moustafa Gabr, FIL July 2002
Translator Training & the Real World: Concrete Suggestions for Bridging the Gap—Part 1 and Part 2   January 2003
Translation: Back from Siberia Alireza BonyadiJuly 2003
Reflections of Prospective Language Teachers on Translation Adnan Biçer, Ph.D.July 2003
Corpus-based Teaching: The Use of Original and Translated Texts in the training of legal translators Esther Monzó, Ph.D.July 2003
The Use of Transition Notes in Learning English and Translation Ibrahim Saad, Ph.D.January 2004
To Be a Good Translator Leila RazmjouApril 2004
The Importance of Teaching Cohesion in Translation on a Textual Level Aiwei ShiApril 2004
Testing and Evaluation in the Translation Classroom Dr. Carol Ann Goff-KfouriApril 2004
La evaluación en los estudios de traducción Dra. María-José Varela Salinas y Dra. Encarnación Postigo Pinazo January 2005
Knowing Before Learning: Ten Concepts Students Should Understand Prior to Enrolling in a University Translation or Interpretation Class Brian G. Rubrecht, Ph.D.April 2005
Language Learning in Translation Classrooms Carol Ann Goff-Kfouri, Ph.D.April 2005
Parallelism between Language Learning and Translation Dr. Kulwindr Kaur a/p Gurdial SinghJuly 2005
On Teaching Forms of Address in Translation Agnieszka SzarkowskaJuly 2005
Training of Interpreters: Some Suggestions on Sight Translation Teaching Elif Ersozlu, Ph.D.October 2005
The Contact Between Text, Mind, and One's Own Word in a Translation Workshop Leandro WolfsonOctober 2005
A Competent Translator And Effective Knowledge Transfer Dr. Kulwindr Kaur a/p Gurdial SinghOctober 2005
Criterios para las selecciones textuales en la formación de traductores especializados M.ª Blanca Mayor Serrano January 2006
Is Translation Teachable? Massoud AzizinezhadApril 2006
Using Trados's WinAlign Tool to Teach the Translation Equivalence Concept Shih Chung-ling April 2006
Cultivating Translator Competence: Teaching & Testing Li HaiyanApril 2006
Translation As an Aid in Teaching English as a Second Language Valeria Petrocchi October 2006
Meeting Students’ Expectations in Undergraduate Translation ProgramsSéverine Hubscher-Davidson January 2007
Teaching Translation of Text Types with MT Error Analysis and Post-MT Editing Shih Chung-ling April 2007
Six Phases in Teaching Interpretation as a Subject at Universities and Colleges in Indonesia Izak Morin April 2007
How New Technologies Improve Translation PedagogyMaría José VarelaOctober 2007
Documentación para la localización de software Núria Vidal April 2008
Essential Activities in Translator-Interpreter Training Dr. Eduardo González April 2008
Derecho y traductología en la formación del traductor jurídico: una propuesta para el uso de herramientas de formación virtual Esther Monzó, Ph.D.April 2008
Personality-Oriented Principles in Teaching Languages in Today's Russia Karina Yu. Kolesina, Sergei G. Nikolaev April 2008
Bibliografía comentada sobre Traducción e Interpretación para estudiantes Pablo Muñoz Sánchez July 2008
El análisis crítico de traducciones literarias en la formación de traductores Dra. Beatriz Mª Rodríguez RodríguezJuly 2008
Individual Differences in the Translation Process: Differences in the act of translation between two groups of ESL Japanese students Atsushi Iida July 2008
The Acquisition of Translation Competence through Textual Genre V. Montalt Ressurrecció, P. Ezpeleta Piorno, I. García Izquierdo October 2008
How to Avoid Errors in Translation from EnglishNitaya Suksaeresup and Tipa Thep-Ackrapong January 2009
The Effect of the Translator's Gender on Translation Evaluation Ebrahim Golavar April 2009
Professionalizing Literary Translation Education Rebecca Hyde Parker April 2009
Communication Strategies Do Work! A study on the usage of communication strategies in translation by Iranian students of translation Sahar Farrahi Avval July 2009
The Applications of Keywords and Collocations to Translation-Studies and Teaching—A Tentative Research on the Parallel Corpus of the 17th NCCPC Report Dai Guangrong July 2009
English Language Teaching Through the Translation Method (A Practical Approach to Teaching Mongolian CPAs) Dr. Naveen K. MehtaJanuary 2010
The Importance of Collocation in Vocabulary Teaching and Learning Zahra Sadeghi April 2010
Translanguage vs. Interlanguage: Exploration in Translation Strategies Dr. Ali R. Al-Hassnawi July 2010
Traducción automática y software libre en la formación de traductores María José Fernández Pintelos October 2010
Translator Training: The Need for New Directions Eileen Hennessy January 2011
Teaching Translation Mahtab Daneshnia January 2011
To Use or not to Use Translation in Language TeachingMogahed M. Mogahed, Ph.D. October 2011
Translators' Performance on Translation Production Tests & Translation Multiple-Choice TestsMogahed M. Mogahed, Ph.D. October 2011
Collaborative Learning in Translating a Travel Guide: A Case Study Elaine Tzu-yi LeeJuly 2012
Teaching Translation: A Look at the Way It Is in Iranian Universities and the Way It Should Be Sahar Farrahi AvvalJuly 2012
A Foray into Student-Centered Learning (SCL): Two SCL Activities Designed to Enhance Translation PedagogyLorin Card, PhDJuly 2012
How Approaches of Teaching English Can Be Used for Teaching Translation?Omid JafariApril 2013
New Trends and Challenges in the Translation Profession: Coaching for TranslatorsDra. Concepción Mira RuedaJuly 2013
Information Management in the Translation ProcessLuis D. González LeónJuly 2013

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Translators Around the World
Translators’ Day in ArmeniaNarine KhachatryanApril 1999
500th Anniversary of Russian TranslationGennady S. BashkovOctober 1998
The First Three YearsTimothy HoweJuly 2001
Mammoth Translation Task Undertaken for Education Johann VenterJanuary 2002
Un estudio del mercado español de la traducción en la internet Cristina Navas and Rocío Palomares, Ph.D. January 2002
Análisis de la demanda de traducción en un organismo público en las islas Baleares—El caso de la Dirección General de Economía Lluch i Dubon, Ferran y Belmonte Juan, Roser January 2003
An Overview of Translation in China: Practice and TheoryWeihe ZhongApril 2003
German Children's and Teenagers' SlangIgor Maslennikov July 2003
ATA Certification In Bosnian, Croatian And Serbian Paula GordonJuly 2003
The Situation of Turkish Literature in the German PolysystemSerpil Türk HotamanOctober 2003
Languages for Tourism WorkshopHary Fuller October 2004
American Translators Association Adds Croatian into English and English into Croatian to its Translator Certification ProgramPaula Gordon October 2004
Translation Taken SeriouslyDanilo Nogueira October 2004
Texts in Multilingual Settings: The case of the European UnionMari Carmen Acuyo Verdejo, Ph.D.January 2005
Translation and Interpretation Work for the LNG Tangguh Project in Papua, IndonesiaIzak Morin April 2003
Intellectual Property and Copyright: The case of translatorsLenita M. R. Esteves, Ph.D.October 2005
Translation Accreditation Boards/Institutions in Malaysia Dr. Kulwindr Kaur d/o Gurdial SinghApril 2005
The Hague Program and how it could affect the translating and interpreting professionEleni Markou January 2006
Distance and Online Courses for Translators Christine SchmitApril 2006
Translating Freud: A Historical ExperienceLeandro Wolfson October 2006
Certification Programs in China Jianjun ZhangOctober 2006
American Translators Association Surpasses 10,000 MembersJoshua Rosenblum January 2008
The Influence of the Market on Translating— A Tentative Study of the Market-oriented Translation in China Tian ChuanmaoJuly 2008
The Serbo-Croatian Language(s) Today Michael WalkerOctober 2008
Bringing the Best Western Classical Literature to Turkish Masses Arnold Reisman, Ph.D.April 2009
The State of the Translation Industry in Saudi Arabia Afnan H. Fatani October 2009
Where Can I Find a Chinese Sworn Translator in Rio de Janeiro?Danilo Nogueira and Kelli Semolini January 2010
The Efforts of Translators in the Wake of the Haitian Earthquake Michael Walker April 2010
The Role of Translation in the Implementation of Language Policy in Cameroon Dr. Suh Joseph Che October 2011
The Role of Translation Movements in the Cultural Maintenance of Iran from the Era of Cyrus the Great up to the Constitutional RevolutionHossein BahriOctober 2011
The Booming Localization Industry in the People’s Republic of ChinaChuanmao TianOctober 2011
Remembering SarajevoMidhat RidjanovićOctober 2013

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Translation and Politics
On Censorship: A Conversation with Ilan StavansVerónica AlbinJuly 2005
Translation and Censorship in European EnvironmentsAntonia KeratsaJuly 2005
Revolutionary Struggle as a Counterpoint to Colonial Domination: Marathi Translations of Upton Sinclair and John Steinbeck Sunil Sawant Otober 2005
Señoras y Señores diputados/'Onorevoli deputati' Armando Francesconi, Ph.D.July 2010
Ideological Interference in Translation: Strategies of Translating Cultural References Shih Chung-ling July 2010
From the Colonial to the Anti-Colonial: Marathi Reception of American LiteratureDr. Sunil Sawant April 2012
Screening Political Bias and Reality in Media TranslationsMátyás Bánhegyi July 2012
Trauma and Translation: Bearing WitnessFatima Sakarya and Sidney Shaievitz April 2013
Soviet Censorship and Translation in Contemporary Ukraine and RussiaNataliya M. Rudnytska, PhD April 2013
Unduly Free Translation and Its ConsequencesIzak Morin July 2013

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Diplomatic Translation
An Approach to Diplomatic TranslationAdrián Fuentes LuqueOctober 1999

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TJ Cartoons
Great Moments in Languages: Character is Destiny Ted CrumpApril 2005
Great Moments in Languages: One Man's Dove Is Another Man's PigeonTed CrumpJuly 2005
Great Moments in Languages: Twelve-step Program to Recover from Translationese Ted CrumpOctober 2005
Great Moments in Languages: The Homegrown GrammarianTed CrumpJanuary 2006
Great Moments in Languages: Miss Liberty, WirelessTed CrumpApril 2006
Great Moments in Languages: How Do I Love Thee Ted CrumpApril 2006
Great Moments in Languages: Voice of TranslatorTed CrumpApril 2006
Great Moments in Languages: — Gift from Heaven Ted CrumpOctober 2007
Great Moments in Languages: — The Punctuation WarTed CrumpJanuary 2008

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Translation History
Some Major Dates and Events in the History of TranslationAlex GrossJanuary 2005
Japanese Technical Translation a Quarter of a Century Ago Steve Vlasta Vitek April 2009
The Issue of Direction of Translation in China: A Historical Overview Wang Baorong July 2009

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Genealogical Translation
Translating for the German Genealogy MarketAnn C. SherwinApril 2000

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Translators’ Events
Translators’ EventsJuly 2008
Languages and the Media Conference—Berlin 2006Robert Paquin, Ph.D.January 2007

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Letters to the Editor 1July 1997
Letters to the Editor 2October 1997
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Call for Papers and Editorial PoliciesOctober 2013

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Translators' Job Market
Translators' Job MarketJanuary 2003

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